Cleanse your Home of Clutter & Grime
June, 2020 - Issue #189
Nothing feels better than purging your home of all the furniture, toys, junk and germs that are taking up valuable space in our homes and hearts. Set your home free with these simple home purge secrets.

CLEANSE: Overused Upholstery you Still Love
In the midst of quarantine life, our couches have received a serious promotion. This vital piece of furniture has graduated from our favorite chill space to our pseudo-home office, constant snack zone and occasional nap palace. We've never given our couches more love, and well, it's starting to show. That beautiful couch you love has been collecting germs, dust, dander, crumbs and sweat like the faithful comfort zone it is. It's time for a couch cleaning. Luckily, Magic Maintenance offers an upholstery cleaning service that makes even your most-used fabrics feel, look and smell new again. Their cleaning solutions reach deep into the fibers of your furniture to remove dirt and toxins, and the result is better air quality, a healthier lifestyle and a nap that doesn't smell like your last snack.

CLEANSE: Old, Stained Flooring
Does your home still feel dingy - even after you've cleaned, scrubbed and sanitized for days? It might be time to take a look at your flooring. There's only so much you can do after years of wear and tear, especially if you've got kids who love to run, play and lounge on your floors like it's their job. And there's never been a better time to say goodbye to old crusty carpeting because Brent's Carpet One in Newhall is having a blow-out Memorial Day Sale on premium flooring and installation that will give your home the instant update it's begging for.

CLEANSE: Grimy Shower Grout & Tile
Do your showers and bathroom surfaces need a little love? To achieve impeccably clean bathroom surfaces, start with a full grout and tile deep cleaning. If you have stubborn discoloration, don't worry. Aquakor's excellent stain removal process not only removes surface dirt but also gets in deep to make your bathroom look and feel as good as new. Besides, who said you had to do all the purging yourself? Call in the experts for a professional-level clean.

CLEANSE: Big, Bulky Items You No Longer Use
If you know anything about organization icon Marie Kondo's decluttering process, you know she gets rid of old items with the same care and respect she shows to new items. Before saying goodbye to a piece of decor or clothing that's run its course, she honors its place in our lives by saying thank you before placing it in the donation or trash pile. We love that approach because it reminds us not to be so careless with our waste - and that's exactly what the City of Santa Clarita is asking of us, too. After a massive quarantine-style spring cleaning, you may find yourself stuck with a bulky item like a couch or mattress, struggling to dispose of it properly. Thanks to our city government, your bulky items can be picked up for free if you have active trash and recycling services with Waste Management. Simply schedule a bulky item pick-up, or once the Safer at Home order has been lifted, drop off your item at a local Waste Management facility during normal business hours. It's that easy!
To schedule your free bulky item pick-up, call 259-2398 or visit
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