Decorate like a Pro this Holiday Season
December, 2022 - Issue #216

When you decorate over 300 Christmas trees a year, you learn a few things - and it's my life's joy and privilege to share those lessons with you! I hope you feel so calm and confident when it comes to holiday decorating that you want to do it early.
My mantra is "Protect your December!" And while that may not mean your trees and garlands were up in October like mine, it does mean that you're not rushing, stressing or putting it off because it feels overwhelming. December is for memory making - not pulling boxes of unorganized holiday decor items out of the garage or fighting over the last roll of ribbon in the store. Protect your December and decorate with me now. I promise it'll be fun!
And on that note: While I share final looks on Instagram to inspire you, the real tutorial magic happens on YouTube. I make those videos especially for you (Yes, you!) so that you can DIY what you love and make it your own. Here are some of the tips you'll learn.

Keep the Continuity
Let the room tell you what it needs! I never go into a space with a design plan until I see the room where everything has to live in harmony together. Your room is your guide. When it comes to Christmas design, playing up the room's existing design themes and elements results in a holiday look that feels entirely custom. Have a statement wall? That might be the perfect spot to drape rich textured swags, then finish with flocked picks that incorporate other holiday design accents for continuity. What about a fireplace mantel?
It's likely begging for garland - and your room's aesthetic will determine if you opt for a big, bold swag or something more petite.

Stairways to Heaven
Stairways are an Extension of your Trees
Since so many homes in the SCV have a staircase, I'm going to spend some time talking to you about this often under-utilized holiday design opportunity!
Your staircase should be considered an extension of the closest tree's design. Professionals know to go through the garland with ribbon first before adding ornaments, so start with a statement ribbon, then follow that with a more-narrow accent ribbon, finishing with a netted or punched ribbon to allow light to pass through. Now it's time to wire in your ornaments with floral wire. You don't want those dangling - and wire will keep them secure the whole season. Finish your look with picks to add some organic shaping. Not sure how to wire ornaments into garland - or trees, for that matter? Check out my YouTube tutorial here.

Go Over the Top with a Custom Ball Garland
Showstopping holiday memories begin with a wowing design that captures hearts and defies gravity. Go over the top of a mirror or window with DIY garland crafted with ball ornaments for a "How'd you do that?" moment. Learn how to make the beauty featured here with my tutorial on YouTube.

Publisher of Inside SCV Magazine by day, Christmas powerhouse... also by day! (We really don't know how she does it!). Jeanna Crawford, known as "The Queen of Christmas," is a holiday personality and tutorialist
who calls Santa Clarita "home." Her social handle,
@JeannaLovesChristmas, is where you'll discover exciting new content she shares daily with her
fandom - "Christmasers" - around the globe...
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