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December, 2023 - Issue #226
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Festive holiday decor and displays really are the gift that keeps on giving. While it only takes a few moments to open a paper-wrapped present, your cheerful designs will keep delivering smiles for weeks.

This is your Sign to Install your Exterior Holiday Lights Now
We won't call this "peer pressure" - but please do consider this your warm reminder that exterior holiday lights make people smile... and we could all use more of that in our lives.
Here's our angle: You know that when your holiday lights go up, your neighbors' will, too - making you the joyful light trendsetter on your block.
There's good reason to get an early start. Kids will say, "Yay!" every time they pass your house because your address is a reminder of even more fun to come. You'll inspire busy folks who hardly ever stop to smell those hypothetical roses to drive past your spot extra slow. And, you'll be the reason someone grins every time they walk past your house for six weeks instead of four.
But please - unless you're quite the pro, don't install the lights yourself. Roofs are high, ladders are precarious and electrical wiring can be fickle. Call the best in the business and tell them we sent you. Here's our fave:
Christmas Lights Installation.

Need Inspo? Walk through our Favorite Winter Wonderland
Aldik Home is only about a 20-minute drive from Santa Clarita, but it's a world away when it comes to holiday decor and design. Right now, it's the merriest time of the year at Aldik Home, where high-end trees, ornaments, garland and more are already on festive display. Aldik Home has the finest trees in the country, far better than most anything you'll find sold online. Experience the difference for yourself in person at Aldik Home.
Aldik Home 818-988-5970

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Now's the time to call in the reinforcements.

Help with New Flooring, Fast (& at Clearance Prices)
The "Better Late than Never" Renovation Sale is going on now at Brent's Carpet One! This event boasts clearance prices throughout the store on hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpet designer rugs, tile and other surfaces. Brent's installers are fast, too - meaning this to-do can be done right away.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

Get a Holiday Headstart on your Dream Backyard
In Santa Clarita, you can entertain outside nearly all year long - and that's why you should have Magic Maintenance on speed dial. Whether you want to complete a quick project before guests arrive (Fire pit, anyone?) or get a headstart on your dream outdoor-living lifestyle, they're SCV's go-to five-star contractor your neighbors use and love.
Magic Maintenance 259-3373

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courtesy of Shutterstock

It's cool to conserve.

Refreshing Ways to Save Water This Holiday Season
Top 5 Tips for Water Conservation During Festive Times
As the holiday hustle approaches, with its flurry of cooking, gift shopping and family festivities, let's not overlook the importance of water conservation! Amidst the joyous chaos, there are plenty of effortless ways to save water. Did you know that a typical Thanksgiving feast for eight people guzzles more than 48,000 gallons of water? To keep our water use in check, here are five simple strategies for water conservation during the holiday season.
Chill in the Fridge
Opt for the refrigerator thawing method instead of the water-wasting "speed thawing" technique. Imagine if half the turkeys in the US were "speed-thawed." It would devour over 2 billion gallons of water! Thawing in the fridge takes several days, so plan ahead - it's generally 24 hours for every five pounds. Place a container under the turkey to catch drippings and a thawed turkey can hang out in the fridge for one or two days before cooking.
Give Your Garbage Disposal a Break
Your garbage disposal appreciates a little time off, too. Instead of relying on it, toss vegetable peelings and leftovers into compost bins. Not only does this save water, but it also prevents potential clogs in the disposal.
Opt for Earth-friendly Plates
Skip the fancy china and grab some recycled paper plates instead. Opt for 100% recycled ones to minimize manufacturing water usage. No dishes to wash and, with various patterns available, they can complement your decor and elevate your holiday table. If you must use the dishwasher, make sure it's full before running, and if you're using linens, wash them in cold water and only in full loads.
Rinse & Reuse
When washing your veggies, use a large water bowl instead of letting the tap run. This way, water can then be repurposed to nourish your garden.
Infuse your Water
Impress your guests by serving infused water from the tap - refreshing and eco-friendly! Experiment with flavors like lemon, lime, cucumber, cranberries or mint. Not sold on infused water? Consider this: it takes two gallons of water to manufacture one plastic water bottle and 10 gallons to produce the contents of a soda can. Keep a watering can in the kitchen for those abandoned, half-full glasses after dinner - save that water for your plants and pets.
Cheers to a water-wise holiday season!
For more helpful tips, log on.
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Pool Safety During the Holidays is Part of Pool Ownership
You love your relaxing, gorgeous pool - and you should! You've given your family full access to the mental and physical health benefits of swimming - plus a lifetime of fun memories.
During the holidays, you may have guests over who aren't familiar with pool safety. You wouldn't leave your lawn mower running with no one in control or a candle burning unattended - and the same thing holds true for the pool/spa area. Here are some tips to get you started:
Install self-closing, self-latching gates and put alarms on doors that lead out of the house and to the pool.
Pool alarms provide an additional layer of safety.
A posted CPR sign with information about local emergency services is also vital.
Remember that safety is a 24/7 job and that a little forward preparation can save a life!
Thomas Pools 218-1269
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