Now is the Time
to Begin Holiday Home Prep
September, 2015 - Issue #131
You do it every year (Or, um... we do?). You tell yourself that you're going to remodel the powder room/replace the downstairs flooring/upgrade the kitchen/redesign the foyer before you have people over for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's. Then Halloween happens and every well-intentioned plan seems to go up in sugar-fueled flames.

But this year? Nope. This is your year! (And ours, too!). This is the year you start now. Are you with us!? (Good, because we're going to need some moral support. Tell us how you're doing at!).

Choose Kitchen & Bath Improvements that can be Done
in a Week

There are always improvements that can be done to your home in a week's time, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, that will make it look brand new. The first option would be to reface your cabinets; re-staining them a different color can make them look as good as new and doing this in either the kitchen or bathroom can make a huge difference. Another option can be updating your light fixtures. It is an important element that often gets overlooked; you can have fun being bold and creative with the new selection.
Dannick Design 775-7430

Reframe your Space with a New Look for Old Pieces
Reframing existing art that you love or has been in the family since you were a child can provide a fresh, updated look without the expense of new art. FASTFRAME has all of the latest framing selections from industry giants such as Larson-Juhl, Roma, Arquati, Studio and Omega and uses only museum-quality materials with hundreds of mat choices from Bainbridge, Crescent and Artique.
FASTFRAME 291-1325

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Ditch the Great Divide & Unify your Interior Flooring Design
One of the things that make large homes seem small is having a different floor in every room. The remedy? Make your home feel larger and more inviting by installing continuous flooring. Brent's Carpet One has a healthier installation and the design chops to give your home a fresh new look. Ditch the divide and unify your design!
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

Change your Space in Less than Two Days
What a difference one and a half days can make! This completed project by Rebecca Rollins Interiors (RRI) can be started on a Monday morning and finished by the time you come home from work on Tuesday! Remodeling the living spaces that are just inside your entrance makes a powerful statement. Start with rich, dark walnut hardwood floors to provide that elegant foundation. Complement that elegance with an oversized chandelier above the dining room and chic chairs. Add some unique art and you dramatically transform your spaces in less than two days.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

photography by Mel Carll
photography by Mel Carll
Set Aside a Day to Install New Countertops
When trying to remodel by Thanksgiving, you can look to Surfaces USA in Castaic for design and installation solutions. Known as the go-to spot for granite and quartz slabs in the SCV, they are experts at kitchens, baths and more. Their showroom also houses a vast array of stone and tile. If you are looking to redo your countertops, they can complete your job in one day; two if you want to add a backsplash! Showers take about seven to 10 business days.
Surfaces USA 775-9404


Wicall's Carpets' Showroom Now Newly Remodeled

The family-owned and operated store that's been part of SCV culture for decades has received a beautiful showroom remodel to serve clients even better than before! Experience a relaxed shopping experience with professional, helpful employees who know everything about flooring. Choose from a wide selection of hardwood, vinyl, tile, carpets, area rugs and more.
Wicall's Carpets 259-6040

photography by Mel Carll
photography by Mel Carll
Revitalize the Heart of the Home
In less than four weeks, you can revitalize your home for this holiday - and holidays to come! Replacing or painting cabinets (If you go the "refinish" route, choose new knobs or pulls.) shades of white or grey will keep your space timeless. Install a new sink and faucet, then top it off with new granite or quartz counters. Finish the space with easy-care wood-look tile flooring.
Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089

Get your Dining Table Now to Seat your Holiday Crowd
Seat everyone around the table timelessly. Enjoy ornate carving and detailing that suggests a definite Louis XIV influence that blends harmoniously with a more-modern style that makes the Louis Table perfect for today's home.
Douglas Furniture 255-8366

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Make Every Day a Holiday with a New Home Design
Whether your space just needs a quick refresher or if it's desperate for a full face lift, working with a professional who just so happens to own the best furniture-and-accessory-store secret in town has its advantages. Kathy Goldstein of Suburban Chateau is now offering design services that pair with her vast collection of ready-made and custom furniture options. Bonus: Because the store is appointment only, costs are kept low - and the savings are passed onto you.
Suburban Chateau 805-796-0809
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