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October, 2013 - Issue #108
photo by Ted Dayton
photo by Ted Dayton
The Fabric makes the Window
Beautiful window looks start with best-quality fabrics that will stand up to sunlight, temperature and humidity changes, as well as the possibility of daily use. Manufacturers like Robert Allen, Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Kravet, Waverly, Stroheim & Romann, Fabricut, Duralee and others make fabrics that will last through trend changes and beyond. The fabric pros and craftspeople at Sofa Interiors also custom-create window coverings and help you put a whole look together, too. Sofa Interiors 254-9090

Window Catch 22's and Trends
It's one of the most difficult decisions in the interior design process: How do you cover windows that don't deserve to be covered? The most desirable traits about modern homes include large windows and the breathtaking views that come with them. It becomes a strange "catch 22" that we spend money on accessories and window coverings that hide one of the most prominent, desirable features in our homes. However, if chosen correctly, window coverings can complement impressive windows, making them "pop" and become a focal point.
And now for the trends: light, airy drapery panels connected with metal ring connectors affixed to a large-diameter metal rod with oversized round finials. Because these are somewhat broad elements, your choice within each is critical. We see pieces at local and online stores that match the above criteria and seem to follow the trend but just don't look right. It's easy to fit the mold but it's very tough to make sure that the end product fits your style, your home and looks professionally done. Take the extra time to make it perfectly yours!
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

A Natural Trend
The right combination of color, pattern and texture creates an interior that is sophisticated but relaxed.

An eclectic mix of textures and accessories allow a room to tell a personal story. Marrying natural influences with natural forms creates elegance. Design is in the details; understated but stunning embroideries are a perfect finishing touch. Pattern on pattern applications with contrasting walls add depth and richness to a space.
Coming Home Fabrics 255-5023

photo by Ted Dayton
photo by Ted Dayton
Shutters Boost Style and Maintain Temperature
Few window coverings can compare to the classic styling and exceptional temperature control provided by real solid-wood shutters. Control light and maintain your home's heating or cooling while choosing a shutter design that coordinates perfectly with your home. A vast selection of colors and slat sizes are available for your selection.
Marty's Flooring America 252-2522

photo by Ted Dayton
photo by Ted Dayton
Where to Start

"Because windows vary so much in style, construction and function, the way they're dressed ends up playing a VITAL ROLE in every decorating plan."

Here are four important issues that your professional decorator will address while designing your one-of-a-kind custom window treatments:
1. Function How is the window being used? Do you need to block outdoor light? Is privacy your priority? Do you have a beautiful view that needs enhancing?
2. Focal Points Are your windows a dramatic architectural feature of the room? If so, you have a built-in focal point and your treatments should be designed simply, in order to compliment the architecture. If not, then consider working with your decorator to make your custom treatments into genuine showstoppers.
3. Style What's yours? Casual? Formal? Transitional? Contemporary? Window treatments vary greatly, so it's important to incorporate the correct design to fit in with the overall style of your home.
4. Challenges Are your windows too small? Too large? A carefully-designed window treatment can actually be a clever cover-up for any window challenge. For instance, they can be made to deceive the eye and make ceilings appear higher.

With the availability of such a vast array of fabulous window treatment options, it's best to work with a professional decorator so that the end result is stunning window treatments, designed exclusively for you.
Decorating Den Interiors 310-3774

Pretty Meets Practical in Choosing the Right Window Treatments
A bare window, which reveals a stunning view by day, becomes a cold black hole in your wall at night. That's why bare windows are never my choice when designing a room for my clients.

Window treatments are the perfect opportunity to add a vertical element to the room, along with sound absorption and softness to a room's hard edges. That is the pretty part of the design.

Practically, window treatments offer light control and privacy with the added benefit of masking a room's flaws or playing up its strengths.

Meet three of my window-treatment heavy hitters: valances, Roman Shades and drapery panels.

Valances require a small amount of fabric to deliver a big design punch. This decorative treatment works great in children's rooms and kitchen sink windows, as well as family room windows, where a drapery may otherwise be covered completely by a sofa.

Designer tip: At its most basic, a slip of fabric can be attached to a rod with clip rings. Add pinch pleats, trim and contrast fabric to provide more interest.

Roman Shades
If you desire a classic functional treatment that provides luxury without yards of flowing fabric, a Roman shade is a great choice. When closed, the shade is a flat fabric panel. When raised, cascades of deep, horizontal folds provide a neat and tidy look.

Designer tip: Fabric pattern and texture play a big part in designing the perfect Roman shade. Best to work with a professional designer with this one!

Drapery Panels
In the world of window treatments, pleated drapery panels are, hands down, the most popular choice. Whether functional or decorative, classic panels offer timeless elegance and sophistication to any room. With a variety of pleat styles, as well as a menu of drapery linings, your custom drapery panels will be pretty and practical.

Designer tip: If you intend to open/close your draperies, as in functional drapery panels, it is best to purchase custom non-telescoping drapery rods with pleated draperies on rings for the smoothest glide and operation.
Tami Smight Interiors 430-0127

Top Window Styles for SCV Homes
Double Hung Windows
You can't get more traditional than this classic window style. Both top and bottom sashes open. To encourage lots of air circulation, open both sashes halfway. On double hung tilt windows, the sashes tilt inward to enable easy cleaning of the exterior faces of both the top and bottom sash.

Horizontal Sliding Window
This is a favorite style for contemporary and modern homes. Single sliders only have one side that slides open, whereas both sashes open in double sliders. Double sliding windows are a good choice in rooms where you want good air circulation, particularly if they are the only window in the room.

Casement Windows
These are hinged at the side and open outward. They provide excellent ventilation - at times literally reaching out and catching the breeze. It looks like a narrow picture window because, unlike double hung or sliding windows, it has no rail to obstruct the view.
Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165

Cleaning Decorative Window Treatments
Through the years, window treatments and coverings have become very sophisticated, including curtains, swags, cornice boxes, valances, blinds, shutters, duets, silhouettes and much more! Originally people cleaned their window treatments on-site because they wanted to keep their window coverings up for privacy but nowadays there are many different options. Complicated treatments and/or delicate fabrics such as silk or rayon ideally should be professionally handled. A specialist should remove complicated treatments such as pleated drapery or elaborate swags and valances so that they can be re-installed correctly after cleaning. Certain fabrics, like silk and rayon, should be professionally dry-cleaned to avoid shrinking, discoloration or fabric distortion. Cornice boxes, blinds and upholstered wall treatments can be cleaned on-site and a cleaning professional can assess if dry or wet cleaning is the best method to use. Most importantly, window treatment purchases can be very costly, so consult a professional so you can make informed decisions when it comes to cleaning and protecting your investment.
CBC Cleaning & Restoration 294-2221
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