Your New Garage Floor has Beauty & Brains
April, 2019 - Issue #175

Garage floors, pet runs, backyard patio spaces, laundry rooms... they could all use flooring that's easier to clean, better looking, more sanitary and safer to use. And - in 2019 - the best choice for that is clear: the custom patented polyurea floors from ALLBRiGHT.

"The technology has finally met our standard of excellence," says ALLBRiGHT Owner and Founder Josh Abramson. "These floors perform so much better than epoxy. They're strong, shiny, available in a variety of colors and they last and last, looking brand new for years. Our clients love them so much, they find new places at home and work to have them installed!"

The Science Behind the Shine
The high-gloss finish won't yellow, thanks to 100-percent UV stability and it won't blush, either - even if there's moisture in the concrete.

Polyurea floors, unlike epoxy, can be installed in nearly any temperature - up to 140 degrees and down to -30 degrees. That makes them the perfect home project for any time of year.

Because of the tight molecular fit, your new flooring is highly resistant to abrasions, scratches, stains and chemicals. Plus, its highly tolerant to heat, so you don't have to worry about hot-tire lift. The bond is extraordinarily strong, thanks to superior wetting characteristics.

It won't crack! Polyurea has a flexibility rating that is 300 percent higher than traditional epoxy floors. That's especially important in the SCV, where foundations are rarely on bedrock and experience a good deal of shrinkage and expansion with temperature and moisture changes.

Since polyurea cures extraordinarily fast, there's a much lower chance that outgassing bubbles will form - just one more way your finish stays gorgeous and glossy.

Those concerned about VOCs are flocking to this application; thanks to high-solids content, there are little to no VOCs.

ALLBRiGHT Announces $25,000 Nonprofit Edition of Paint It Forward

Reaching international acclaim, the Paint It Forward movement - started by Josh Abramson, owner of ALLBRiGHT - is expanding its scope to include nonprofit organizations. "We just completed painting four homes with our 'Retired Heroes' Edition - and there's only one way to go up from there," says Abramson. "The 'Nonprofit' Edition of Paint It Forward will be even more social-media friendly, since we're asking nonprofits to submit 60-second amateur videos sharing why they should be gifted with $25,000 in painting services. We expect these videos to be fun, sharable ways to promote nonprofit missions, increasing volunteerism and donations. We want to make this the biggest edition of Paint It Forward yet, with the entire community getting behind the organizations that serve Santa Clarita so honorably," explains the philanthropist. "We look forward to rewarding the highest-voted organization with $25,000 worth of our high-quality painting services. This will be a makeover for the record books!"
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