2013 Household Tune Up Checklist
January, 2013 - Issue #99
Up your Energy Efficiency

Enhance the aesthetics of your home, add energy efficiency, reduce outside noise and save money too, through January 31, 2013. In honor of Milgard's 50th anniversary, get a $50 rebate when you buy five windows and/or doors and a $10 rebate on every additional window and door. Most Preferred Glass & Windows installations only take a day or less.

Schedule a Furnace Check Up

Safety first! A furnace that is not operating at peak performance is a potential health hazard. A dirty, inefficient furnace can cost you more to operate and lead to expensive repairs. It can also be a dangerous situation from overheating, limit switches opening and cracked heating exchangers failing, which could allow carbon monoxide into your home. Every winter there is unfortunate accidents because of furnaces failing causing sickness, or even death. A simple furnace check up can prevent this situation. GW Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning provides a very thorough inspection and cleaning of your furnace with a 14-point tune up.

Don't Delay - Clean your Carpets Today

When it comes to your carpets, dirt is like sandpaper. Microscopic granules found in typical dirt and dust are abrasive to carpet fibers. This can cause dulling of the luster of the carpet and may remove the carpet fiber's soil repellency, making it fertile ground for spots and spills to become permanent. Industry standards recommend that you clean your carpets every six to 18 months, depending on your lifestyle. In addition, a Scotchgard application to your carpet can further protect it from staining by creating a protective barrier upon which liquids bead up and are easily removed. Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will not only save you money in the long run because your carpets will last years longer, but will improve the look of your home and be a healthier place for you and your family to live. CBC Cleaning & Restoration is an IICRC/Clean Trust Certified Firm using truck-mounted hot-water extraction performed by certified technicians.

Get a Free Professional Carbon Monoxide Test

When you book a $39 (regularly $129) tune up special with SCV Climate Pros, you'll get more than an 18-point preseason tune up. You'll also get peace of mind. Consider this: Store bought carbon-monoxide detectors are about 60 percent effective due to placement and quality of product. A professional CO detection should be done by a licensed heating contractor once a year to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home system. Right now, your $39 tune up with SCV Climate Pros includes a free carbon monoxide test ($279 value).
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