Big Interior Change for Little Cash
May, 2008 - Issue #43
One of the biggest bangs for your home decor dollar lies in replacing fabric. Tired of the dusty plaid couch you bought a decade ago? Replace the fabric around it, and you've got a new couch for a fraction of the cost.

You can do the same with the comforter on your bed and the pillows on your sofa.

"The right fabric can add a lot of color to a room," says Tom Fisk of Coming Home Fabrics. Fisk also suggests adding valances over windows and adding a fresh look to the coverings on your windows.

"We have thousands and thousands of fabrics to look at," Fisk says. "We can make everything custom to fit what you need. Reupholstering your furniture is a lot less expensive than buying it new."

Another option involves the walls. More specifically, what you hang on them. The right piece of art can make a room spring to life. And the right piece of art demands the right frame around it.
"Art makes a huge statement about the home and about the person who owns the home," says Gene Ausili of The Picture Show Custom Framing. "Framing can make or break a picture." Sometimes, the right frame can even save a piece of art.
"Light fades art. Acid from the wrong matting destroys it," Ausili says. "That's why we use non-acidic matting and frames that block 95 percent of U.V. light. We protect art from the elements."

In some cases, the best solution to a spring remodel is to perform a spring removal. You can create a new room by ridding yourself of some of the stuff that's inside it. Not ready to part with Grandma's old trunk? Call Affordable Quality Moving & Storage. For as little as $30 a month you can de-clutter your house and de-stress your life. Just pack your stuff into an AQMS crate - they'll even pick it up for you. Spaces are climate controlled, secure, and flexible in terms of size.

Just don't let them take the old couch you want to reupholster. And don't let them take that old painting. It just needs a new frame.

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