Color Me This
There's More to Picking Decor Shades than Simple Preference
April, 2006 - Issue #18
Embarking on a color journey for the entire house or just one room is a terrifying task. Will it look good at night? Will the shade accent already-existing color schemes? Is there a special mental institution reserved for people who have lost their minds trying to determine the difference between the paint colors "Candle Light" and "Sunlight?"

You have questions, we have answers (Well, only if your question is "What emotions do these colors reflect?" We don't know the difference between "Candle Light" and "Sunlight," either.).

True Blue

Blue has always adorned closets everywhere (it is your favorite color for jeans, right?) but rarely do you see a house completely covered in this seafaring hue. For a soothing room that evokes a spiritual connection to the calmed mind, incorporate this cool color for a relaxing spa experience.

Green with Envy

The conversation comes alive with green. Waking up a room with the easiest color for the eye to see is the perfect transformation a room can take on. Reserve your chattiest chambers for this banter stirrer that is quickly becoming the most well-liked color for all things home.

A Passion for Purple

The color reserved for royalty has made its way into our hearts and homes. This powerful hue is clairvoyant, passionate and ceremonial, so it is best placed in a room with softer, natural colors ready to embrace its regal authority.

Redding It

Do you ever notice how most restaurants are surrounded by red everything? The table clothes, the walls, the menus, the wait staff outfits? This is because red stirs the appetite. It is loud, emotional and demanding, so use it freely to inspire excitement and spontaneity with adornments, furnishings or even wall decor.

Mellow Yellow

Innocence, friendship, light and clarity all surround this vibrant color. It screams intellectualism, provokes thought and exudes happiness and hope. There is nothing better than walking into a room filled with yellow accents, reminding you of your childhood when everything was fresh and new. Take it beyond the vase of flowers on the table or side of the bed, doll your room up with a punchy pillow, bright stenciled decoration or handmade frames.

Think Pink

The softer side is calling with a splash of pink space. Pink is ultra-feminine, and due to its girly nature, encourages open communication and stimulates the senses. This is an extremely playful color, so don't hesitate to experiment with it in the right places. A room dedicated to pink might scare off visitors, so try subtle hints of the delicate dye with candles or window coverings.

Black in Demand

The intimidator is in full effect when you let this mysterious cat out of the bag. Adding a handful of black accessories to any interior will definitely show strength, wisdom and dominance. Black is forever and formal, which never go out of style.

Snowy White

White is often associated with purity and cleanliness, it wards off predators and pain, so it makes the most sense to use it in a communal area where you desire to feel safe and secure. Leaving a room as white as snow is too much of a good thing, so make sure to include a smidge of color to truly feel at home.

Orange Appeal

The citrus-y hue reminds us all of those awe-inspiring sunsets reminiscent of lazy days and beautiful beaches. It is warming and uplifting; therefore penetrate windowless rooms with this fresh and fun tint.

Crowning Brown

As the protector and nurturer, brown provides support, security and strength. Brown shelters us from unwanted associations, so it is wise to incorporate this color into any room, whether with furniture, window frames or doors. Although it has a bad reputation for not being the most aesthetically pleasing, it comes in many different shades to cater to your natural needs.
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