Don't Judge a Book - or a Sofa - by its Cover
April, 2010 - Issue #66
Maybe your sofa or sectional is on its last legs, or perhaps you're just desperate for a change. Before you invest time and money in the "perfect sofa" search, peruse this list of must-ask questions. Then you can settle into your new couch with the comfort of knowing that you found the best long-lasting value for your money. Remember: Shopping with an eye only on the price tag can end badly. Poor-quality furniture often becomes more expensive in the long haul because of required repairs or early replacement.

The Build
What type of frame does it have?

A solid maple or oak frame with corner blocks is crucial to the life of any sofa or sectional.

What type of spring system does it have?
Eight-way hand-tied spring systems are the best. They help displace weight evenly and promote longer wear on the cushions.

What type of cushions does it have?
Better-quality manufacturers now offer a range of options to their cushions, including feather or down-wrapped cushions.

The Style
What types of fabrics are available?

A large selection of fabrics provides choices and allows the customer or designer to create a room suitable for any occasion. Most qualified furniture professionals can explain the difference in fabric content and help the customer to choose a fabric that is best for their room and use.

The Promise
Is there a warranty included, and, if so, what does it cover?

Many of the better-quality manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and spring system and some even offer a lifetime warranty on the cushions, too.

Is the store you are purchasing from qualified and trustworthy?
It is always good to buy from a store with a good reputation.

Where to Start
Where do I start my search for upholstered furniture?

Douglas Furniture in Newhall (255-8366) has been serving the community for over 30 years and has an excellent selection of high-quality sofas and sectionals. Plus, our professional staff will provide no-pressure answers to any questions you may have.
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