Fall in Love with Your Garage
Garages are the new wave in home improvement, and with attractive cabinet systems and flooring options, homeowners can bring both style and utility to this often neglected part of the house.

Innovative organization systems can be installed in the garage to create a workstation, clear a space to park your cars, and increase overall storage capacity by utilizing both wall and ceiling space — two areas that are often overlooked when redesigning the garage for maximum efficiency.

Premium Garage Cabinets Hold Heavier Loads

Cabinet systems should utilize one-inch thick material for all shelving, as it offers stronger support than standard half-inch or three-quarter-inch materials. Thicker shelves provide better support for bulky items such as heavy tools, cinder blocks, fertilizer bags, and other items (such as sporting equipment and storage boxes).

Cabinets are available in a variety of finishes, including white, gray, hardrock maple and brushed aluminum. This makes it easy to coordinate cabinet storage systems with existing decor or personal tastes.

Cedar-lined options and adjustable wardrobe rods in cabinet systems provide winter clothing storage.

Use Every Inch of Wall Space for Storage

Wallscape™ systems visually improve the appearance of your garage while providing a totally modifiable surface on which to hang custom cabinets as well as unique storage accessories such as baskets, shelves and hooks designed for a variety of sporting equipment, cleaning and gardening equipment, and standard tools.

This modular slat wall is made from three-quarter-inch thick PVC rather than wood, making it easier to clean — just take a hose and wash it down with water! The strong PVC material increases the weight capacity of the wall and allows you to utilize every inch of wall space for storage and organization.

Loft and ceiling storage is a great way to store items not used often or for long-term storage. Loft and ceiling storage systems made with anodized steel brackets greatly increase the storage capacity of the typical garage without limiting the ability to see stored items.

Upgrading your garage floor with a variety of options, including Liquid Granite, rubber roll-out mats, and interlocking PVC tiles completes the aesthetic transformation of the garage, adding a unique style to what used to be an otherwise drab and forgotten room.


For more information on the products mentioned here, or for a free in-home consultation on garage improvements, call Garage Envy toll-free at 888-750-5824, or visit
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