Five Star Kitchen Elements
This interior designed by Kathy
This interior designed by Kathy's Kitchen & Bath Design 645-2104
Hello, Beautiful! We are drooling over these kitchen makeovers. Find your inspiration in these pages - and make your own kitchen dreams come true.

Kitchen islands can be an essential element to the overall design and functionality of the kitchen space. The right layout can mean all the difference in whether or not this usually "fixed" space helps or hinders the prep, cooking and cleanup - to say nothing about how we entertain and dine around an island!

Here, the original island in this kitchen was small and non-functioning. By moving the island space away from the sink, range and fridge and incorporating sit-down eating space for four, the island grew to a more comfortable size, giving the homeowners more storage and counter space.

Space planning is just one of the key components a designer who specializes in kitchen and bath design can bring to your remodeling project. "I have been designing and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for over 30 years and have teamed up with some of the best craftsmen in their respective fields," says Kathy Phillipson of Kathy's Kitchen & Bath Design. "I manage and coordinate the projects from the beginning of the design process through completion to ensure the final results meet and usually surpass expectations. Consultations are complementary."
Kathy's Kitchen & Bath Design 645-2104

Surfaces USA
Surfaces USA's (775-9404) Virtual Granite Kitchen program

Technology wins again. Surfaces USA's Virtual Granite Kitchen program helps clients visualize color/material coordination during the designing phase of their project. The program contains the majority of granite/marble/slabs (over 85 slabs alone!) available at Surfaces USA. Your selections are imported into the one of five different kitchen modules that best matches your kitchen layout. View combos made up of 30 backsplashes, 30 flooring choices, three appliance colors, six wood-flooring shades and seven wall colors. All you have to do is "click, click, click" onto the products you're hoping to install to see the colorful results right away on the screen.
Surfaces USA 775-9404

Available at Dannick Design, Inc. 775-7430
Available at Dannick Design, Inc. 775-7430

Sophisticated and modern, KWC faucets can "make" a kitchen. Favorites include the KWC Ava, a sleek, modern design perfect to compliment a square-shaped sink or square-edged countertop. KWC Ono is contemporary with a modern twist - simple, yet eye catching. KWC's delicate, arched frame faucet stands sophisticated and elegant.
Dannick Design, Inc. 775-7430


Give your Kitchen a Budget-friendly Facelift
by Tami Smight
Your kitchen is much more than a place to prepare meals. I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's here that we bake birthday cakes, raise our kids and connect with friends. You have helped your kids with homework, colored Easter eggs and served countless meals from your kitchen.

Most of the "living" in the house takes place in your kitchen, so the wear and tear might show! Is your kitchen in need of an update? Maybe the layout isn't working for your growing family, the sound of the dishwasher drowns out the television, or it is finally time to create your dream kitchen.

With some clever design tricks and thoughtful planning, you can transform your kitchen into a space that is equally stylish and efficient while enhancing the value of your home.

A great way to keep your budget under control is to forego the expensive structural renovation and retain your current layout. When you keep your overall footprint the same, you save on moving major electrical and plumbing, affording you more money to spend on items that will give big bang for your buck.

Assuming your kitchen cabinetry is in good condition, consider giving it a facelift with some added molding, professional painting or staining and upgraded hardware. Working with a professional cabinet refinisher is vitally important to get the best results.

Your back will thank you if you convert cabinets below the counters to pull out drawers.

When shopping for your appliances, stainless is the gold standard! Ideally you will select a "suite" of appliances: dishwasher, fridge and ovens from the same series so the handles will match and provide design continuity.

A kitchen renovation can be overwhelming with so many design choices. Naturally, hiring a professional designer to guide you through the design process is a wise investment and will provide confidence in your design choices.
Tami Smight, owner of Tami Smight Interiors, has been gracing SCV homes with her warm, acces sible designs since 2004. Call today for your design consultation. 430-0127


Glass front cabinet doors and tabletops available at Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165
Glass front cabinet doors and tabletops available at Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165

When decorating a kitchen it is important to create the illusion of a bright and open space. Preferred Glass & Windows has been helping homeowners achieve this for over 40 years. They specialize in custom glass tabletops. Whether you are looking to protect your existing wood table with a piece of one-quarter-inch glass or creating a custom one-inch thick tabletop with special edgework, they can help. Some of their edgeworks include waterfall; rope; ogee; bullnose; single or double bevel; ocean surf; chipped and frost; and pencil-polished edges.

They can also install glass in your cabinet doors or glass shelves. There are many different styles and patterns to choose from, which are all on display at their beautiful showroom. A Preferred Glass & Windows specialist is always available to help with your design needs.

They also sell custom shutters and blinds to fit your decor and budget. Shutters add flair and distinction and are an effective insulator, saving energy in summer and winter. Preferred Glass & Windows carries these custom items in a variety of materials, colors and finishes.
Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165

Available at SCV Glassworks 295-0001
Available at SCV Glassworks 295-0001

Maximize your view, improve ventilation and even grow your kitchen herbs indoors with the addition of a garden window. These beauties, sometimes called greenhouse windows, are four sided and extend out from the house to increase light. The most common spot for a garden window is above a kitchen sink. They're a wonderful place to grow plants (with an ideal greenhouse environment) or display sunshine-lit decor collections. Match your garden window to your style; there are multiple vinyl frame color choices from which to select and decorative grids can be added, too.
SCV Glassworks 295-0001

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the flooring you choose will be the foundation of your kitchen. Every flooring choice has strengths and weaknesses. Tile, one of the more common choices, is cold, hard, unforgiving to dropped dishes and sore feet... and then there's the grout to clean! Yet it is the most customizable choice with an array of accents, textures and patterns, all of which are impervious to water. Wood is also a fan favorite, giving a considerably warmer and more inviting feel, but with the drawback of denting when you drop that king-size mega-can of peaches, not to mention the age-old grudge wood holds for all things wet. Today's woods have fabulous finishes that do not dull with time or damage from incidental drips or spills. Cleaning wood is a breeze, with no grout to worry about. The rising star in the kitchen category is the large array of synthetic floors. Nearly perfect imitations of wood and stone click together or glue down - many of which are waterproof and rated for commercial traffic and abuse.

With all of the choices you face in the heart of your home, make sure you talk to the experts in order to narrow the field and make sure that you end up with the flooring that will perform according to your needs. It won't matter what you choose if you don't love the material and installation quality one, five or 10 years down the road.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

Hardwood flooring has never been more popular. Hardwood floors are designed to match any decor - from sophisticated contemporary to distinctive, hand-scraped rustic. Hardwood flooring is suitable for most areas of your home. Don't be afraid to use wood for your kitchen floor; wood flooring is forgiving! When you drop something, there's a good chance it won't break. As for keeping it clean, vacuuming, sweeping and damp mopping is usually all that is required to maintain a gorgeous luster to your wood floor. Unlike carpet or rugs, a properly-finished wood floor doesn't accumulate hidden soil or odors. And there's so many finishes from which to choose! You can even select a distressed look to hide future scratches. Just remember to clean up spills and put a small rug under pet dishes to protect your wood floor.
Wicall's 259-6040

Have you ever noticed the carpet closest to your kitchen is dirtiest around the edges? That is because the dirt from your kitchen floor tracks immediately onto the carpet. You can help prevent this by having a routine cleaning plan. Mops typically re-spread the dirt so Truly Dry Carpet Cleaning recommends using a hard-surface floor cleaner like the Hoover floormate at least once a month and then having your tile and grout cleaned once per year. They use a plant-based material that is environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets. Most people don't realize just how dirty their grout is until they have it cleaned. Take a look at some tile and grout near a wall and compare. If it is time for a cleaning, give them a call!
Truly Dry 476-7775

Brighten your Space with Flowers
The prettiest accent is often the freshest. Lift your spirits with happy blooms that engage your senses.
And when you place an order for flowers, support local florists by avoiding "1-800"-type businesses. Whether you are sending flowers across town or across the country, calling your local florist directly will allow them to benefit more from your purchase, feeding our community's economy. Charmaine's Bouquet Canyon Florist can help you send beautiful blooms almost anywhere!
Charmaine's Bouquet Canyon Florist 297-3100
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