Get Smart
6 Bright To-do's with High IQs
October, 2015 - Issue #132
1. Make your Room look Royal by Adding Crown
Moulding - crown, baseboards, beadboard and more - is a surprisingly affordable way to increase the style of your space, and installation usually takes less than a day.
Hahn Co. Inc. 810-3832

2. Expand your Dining Space
"Gather together" doesn't have the same meaning when members of the family are scattered around the house, hoping to balance their heaping holiday plates on their knees without incident. Invest in a larger dining area with expandable leaves so that everyone has a seat at the table.
Douglas Furniture 255-8366

3. A Guest Room with more Space for You

If Einstein had a wall bed, the theory of relativity would have been a fact. Drop the bed down when guests are in town, then use the space for something better - like a home gym or science lab - when they're gone.
A Royal Suite 259-7000


"Smart" House

Besides meaning "intelligent," smart also means "stylish, elegant in appearance and appealing to sophisticated tastes." If you look around your home and see smart phones, smart TVs and smart thermostats but the rest of your home design looks "dumb," it's time for a makeover! Gadgets and WiFi stickers won't make you proud of your home but licensed interior designers and expert craftsmen will. Visit the brand new RRI showroom in Valencia and see what "smart" really looks like.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394


courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
4. Make your Smart TV Look "Smart"
Endlessly staring at TV might drop your IQ, but at least your home will still look smart when you choose professional framing installation using highest-quality products and materials from brands like Roma, Larson-Juhl and Arquati.
FASTFRAME 291-1325

5. Choose Healthier Living Installation if You're Prone to Allergies
If the thought of removing your carpet has you holding your breath, ask about Healthier Living Installation (HLI). It starts with a HEPA vacuum sesh, then carpet removal, then more vacuuming, then a spray of Healthinex, an antimicrobial physical barrier that kills microbes. The process finishes with the installation of antibacterial low-emission padding that kills microbes and eats odors.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

photography by Ted Dayton
photography by Ted Dayton

6. Paint Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Hoping for a Watergate-level cover up of your dated kitchen cabinets? Forget DIY on this one, no matter what Pinterest says. Having a pro repaint your cabinets is the most cost-effective means of updating them - in fact, you'll typically pay one-third to one-half of the costs of replacing cabinets.


photography by Mel Carll
photography by Mel Carll

Affordable, All-inclusive Design
Now Offered by Suburban Chateau

Choosing just the right furniture, paint, flooring and accessories can be overwhelming - especially when you're trying to make standard furniture sizes fit in your unique home. Now Kathy Goldstein, owner of Suburban Chateau, Santa Clarita's beloved wholesale furniture store, is offering all-inclusive design and furniture services that almost everyone can afford. The concept is simple and so is the process. Kathy will assess your space and needs - and you'll select from hundreds of custom fabrics and designs for your new furniture while she helps you choose coordinating paint and flooring selections as necessary. Because Suburban Chateau makes the high-quality, custom pieces in house, you never pay a middleman - and everything is created to the exact specifications of your home and "want" list. Pricing is incredibly low, with living room makeovers - including furniture and design - starting at $1,899 for a custom premium-fabric couch, loveseat and table. 775-2980

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