Gorgeous New Twists on Old Flooring Favorites
October, 2010 - Issue #72
photography by Ted Dayton
photography by Ted Dayton
"The flooring in a room accounts for as much as 50 PERCENT of the room's impact. It has the ability to transform the look and feel of a home. Since many types of flooring are relatively permanent, the flooring you choose should be tailored to HOW YOU WILL USE THE ROOM and how practical it needs to be,"
~ Lisa Wicall of Wicall's Carpet (259-6040)

Instead of your average square tiles, why not try planks? These are 8 by 36 inches-, 12 by 36 inches- and 18 by 36 inches-long rectangle tiles that drastically modernize any room, hallway or living space. You can line up planks vertically, horizontally, diagonally, staggered or straight but your finished product will turn out the same: beautiful. Or, if a traditional Versailles pattern is more your thing, then why not try a more upscale and traditional jumbo Versailles pattern (also called Troy or California Pattern)? This beautiful combination of large and medium tiles will open up a small space, and will allow you to make the most out of your area. For hundreds of remodeling ideas that won't break the bank - but will drastically change your living space - log onto or visit Surfaces USA's Castaic showroom (200-0085).

Not long ago, homeowners were forced to choose between having carpet that was beautiful and having carpet that would last. And then Tigressa pounced onto the scene, making a splash with a totally-new line that immediately set the bar for comfort, style and durability.

The secret to Tigressa's success is the incredibly-unique fiber. Half the size of a human hair, the filament is ultra soft. And, because of the size, more filaments can fit in each square inch. That makes for a super-dense carpet that is significantly more resistant to matting, crushing and wear.

Clever engineering has also ensured that the patented color enhancement protects each fiber and allows for deeper color and textures. "We're encouraging clients to take advantage of all the style Tigressa has to offer," says Ben Griffiths of Brent's Carpet One (255-3337). "People are no longer decorating to sell their homes. They are decorating to love their homes. There are so many options that fit your personal style, so choose what works for you."
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