Holiday To-do's Start with Entertainment Home Improvements
September, 2014 - Issue #119
Declutter your Space with Stylish Collections
Mantels overfilled with mismatched framed photos, refrigerators covered with "best of" artwork (dotted with an accidental spray of spaghetti sauce)... the look is anything but seamless and stylish. Reclaim your space by choosing your favorites and take to your walls, creating dimension and interest by layering photos and treasures in coordinating vignettes. Choose custom frames and matting that brings the look together while preserving your memories in a way that puts them front and center - where they can be enjoyed by all!
FASTFRAME 291-1325

Home Improvements to Start Now
Take care of roof repairs now. You'll pay out the nose for fixes in the midst of a storm.

You can "knock out" a kitchen remodel in eight to 12 weeks, but that means you need to be planning now.

Bathroom remodels are a great "before the holidays"
to-do. You can have all your elements ordered and stored in the garage so that you don't start actual construction until everything's in and your trade professionals are lined up consecutively.

Quick improvements that make a huge difference can be completed before the first guest arrives. Base and crown moulding, casings and door changes can be done in a week or so. You'll be shocked as to how new doors, especially six-panel textured pieces, can update the look of your home's interior.

Wondering where your guests are going to stay? A new loft can be completed well before their arrival if you start planning now. The quick interior room addition adds square footage and value to your home, too.

A loft is a gift you give yourself!
Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Add a New Kitchen Feature
You can achieve a completely new look without actually going through the process of a total remodel. There are countless flooring options like terra cotta tile, natural wood, eco-friendly bamboo, high-end marble, industrial-style concrete and now a new high-performance vinyl that could give your kitchen that attractive statement it might be missing. Also quick to install and high on style: new elements like an island, moulding, cabinet re-facing or new appliances. With a new kitchen island, the overall attention gets drawn to the center. The island would have a greater impact if it is a different color from the rest of the cabinets, although it would be best to match the countertop. Minor improvements to your kitchen can be done in as little as four days, including demolition, material selection and installation.
Dannick Design 775-7430

Simple Seasonal Updates
With fall only days away, it's time to start adding some seasonal decor to your home. If you're the crafty type, the visual transition to fall can be easy!

Begin by coming up with a color scheme. Red, orange and golden colors are a great option, but it can be simplified to green and gold or green and white. Start by switching out pillows and adding cozy throws on your sofas. Table runners, place mats and napkins are also an easy switch.

Get creative with floral arrangements by using the unexpected. Dusty miller, silver dollar eucalyptus, unripe blueberry branches, purple artichoke, purple flowering kale and succulents right out of your garden make for a gorgeous mix.

Fireplace mantels are already a focal point and are the perfect opportunity for a beautiful fall scheme; table-scapes work well for this purpose, too. Start with faux evergreens and berry branches, then add items like small topiaries, candles in votives, mini pumpkins, winter squash, willow branches, long decorative feathers, wide plaid ribbon and shiny bobbles.
Marie Stewart Interiors 818-457-3939

Secret Rules Every Good Designer Follows
to Beautify your Home Before the Holidays

Texture is of upmost importance. Incorporate sleek silks with nubby chenilles and soft sueded leathers all in one room. The change in texture provides interest to the eye and adds fluidity to the space.

Balance brings comfort to the eye when we enter a space. Try looking at your room from an aerial perspective, then divide it into quadrants. Imagine that you want each quadrant of the room to balance the other. For instance, if you put a heavy entertainment console on one wall, the opposing wall is ideal for your new substantial sectional.

Think how well placed your new dining set will be with a stylish wool rug underfoot. A shimmering new chandelier hanging above draws the eye upward. The surrounding walls in the dining room are the perfect opportunity to showcase a cabinet with a gorgeous handcarved mirror mounted above. Windows need adornment to add softness to the room.

Finishing TouchesMost homeowners feel finished after the furnishings, area rugs and draperies are in place but the last important element to any interior space is lighting. Lighting fixtures are the jewelry of the room; they're key elements and add drama and life. During the evening they become functional and offer glowing style. By day, they accessorize the room.

And a final tip: The perfect time to buy furniture and lighting is at the end of summer, since many manufacturers offer discounts.
Douglas Furniture 255-8366

Infuse your Home with the Colors of Fall
Vervain fabrics are ideal for drapery, pillows and upholstery. Warm tones of pumpkin, brown and rust are reflected in lovely trim accents for your drapery, upholstery and lampshades. Add an instant punch of drama and elegance with a wallpaper in a warm bronze tone, which makes skin color glow!
Tami Smight Interiors 430-0127
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