Home Theater Update
New Technology Features Plasma Flip-Downs
December, 2005 - Issue #14
Auton's new Plasma Ceiling Flip-Down System has home theater lovers drooling.
"Nesting." The concept's premise basically suggests that the more tumultuous the world becomes, the more apt we are to create a better, more entertaining home environment and the less likely we are to explore outside the home. Key to the nesting philosophy has been home theaters; they allow for cinema-esque quality without leaving the house.

Inside SCV wants to regularly update you on new technologies in home theater. Our first feature is a motorized system that has televisions literally coming out of ceilings!

Anybody who keeps up with the latest technology knows that flat panel televisions are hot this holiday season. But what's even hotter is Auton Motorized System's Plasma Ceiling Flip-Down System, which automatically "flips" a plasma screen out of the ceiling making for some very happy coach potatoes. This savvy innovative design saves space and makes the living room the place to be every weekend.

Auton Motorized Systems got its start in 1955. They manufacture systems that hide and then reveal products such as LCD and plasma televisions, paintings and speakers. What is unique about Auton systems is that instead of using the traditional scissor-type lifts, they use a remote controlled rack and pinion system that eliminates unsteady movements and can easily handle uneven loads. Their products are installed in both business and residential locations and they have an extensive list of well-known nationwide clients. All systems can be easily customized to individual specifications, so clients need not worry about dimensions.

Recently Auton was awarded the celebrated Product of the Year Award by Electronic House magazine for their new Plasma TV Ceiling Flip-Down System. Created by Virgil Walker, president of this reputable company, this latest innovation requires a mere 11.5" of ceiling space. Great for any room or office, it can accommodate 42- to 60-inch screens. The system allows home and business owners to conveniently conceal and later reveal a plasma television with the touch of one button. The ability to hide plasma screens from view greatly improves the environment in any locale. Not only is it a great space saver, but you'll gain instant points in the "cool department."

And this isn't the first time Auton has been recognized for their innovative products - in 2003 they won the same award for their Automatic Shut-Off Technology. The first in the industry, this automatic shut-off switch prevents an individual's hand from getting caught inside the unit. While the typical wooden dowel system can prevent injuries, adding more than the sanctioned weight may have painful results. Once the shut-off switch has been installed the lift will automatically stop once any resistance is detected.

Winning this reputable award twice in four years speaks highly of this local company, which has quickly become recognized as "the world's first and largest manufacturer of motorized television lifts." Recently they are being featured on HGTV's popular show "I Want That," where their new Flip-Down System was officially introduced to viewers. You can also find this popular product on

So, with all this well deserved exposure you're probably wondering which one of your friends or neighbors will be the first to purchase this little guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, this certain pleasure comes with a very hefty price tag, which will leave any buyer feeling a bit more guilty than usual. Auton themselves only manufacture the lift system, which leaves the buyer on their own to purchase the television, audio equipment and pay for any installation fees. Broken down in layman's terms: If you're starting from scratch with, let's say, a 66" plasma screen you could spend up to $27,000. Yes, I said $27,000. Obviously geared for those individuals who "have it all," the average Joe may just have to envy this product from a far.

So, while the majority of us may need to save a while more before we can afford such an extravagance, relish in the fact that there will be more cool home theater gadgets featured in future issues - most of them less than the price of the average car!
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