Inside SCV Magazine Room Makeover Revealing
October, 2006 - Issue #24
Empty. That's how the Inside SCV Magazine Room Makeover Team found the Salcedo's living room. The sparse interior contained only a few pieces of furniture, a television, and was completely lacking any unifying sense of warmth or decor. Lucky for the Salcedo family, that soon changed.

"After seeing the room in its raw state, I determined that an existing piece of artwork could operate as an inspirational piece. It had beautiful tones of blue, tan, cream and brown. From the color palate, I was inspired to select fabrics at Coming Home Fabrics that would represent a variety of textures, patterns and color," says Tami Smight of Tami Smight Interiors.

Coming Home Fabrics owner Tom Fisk recognizes the draw of Smight's selections. "Spa blue, mixed with shades of brown and gold, have been very popular in the last four to six months. The linen and cotton blends selected from the Waverly line are a great example of this versatile combination," he observes.

Once Smight's vision of the unifying interior color palette was in place, other professionals quickly began to make their mark on the room.

One of the most remarkable additions to the home was the Verona custom entertainment center provided by Horacio Rua, owner of Custom Woodworks. Rua's piece effectively and aesthetically displayed the family's large television, which had previously taken root in an overly large nook built into the home. The stunning result is based on the quality Rua and Custom Woodworks is known for.

All elements of the piece, from the hand-picked solid alder and maple interior to the hand-carved corbels and scrolls were custom created by the company's in-house carver. Built to last, the piece also includes solid alder frames with recessed columns, solid square traditional raised panel doors with hidden hinges, arch detail, adjustable shelves for equipment and DVD storage on each side of the television.

The exemplary Custom Woodworks piece was then custom finished by Fabian Varela and his American Fine Finishing team. "The wood was so new, we needed to 'age' it a little bit by using dry-brush and glazing techniques to reach the desired patina. A satin finish was also applied, and the entire process sets off the qualities of the piece beautifully," says Varela.

American Fine Finishing then used the same process for the new door provided by Action Window & Door. "While the same technique was used, we selected a shade a level lighter to give the room more variety," Varela explains.

The door, a knotty alder selection, currently is a popular choice for discriminating homeowners. "Selecting new doors is an easy and inexpensive way to customize the look of your home," states Shauntel Anderson of Action Window & Door. "Woods like alder bring character to a room and provide multiple finishing options; you can clear coat it, distress it... the options are limitless," she concludes. The door's installation was provided by Blackburn Construction.

Varela's American Fine Finishing was also responsible for the antique glaze found on the mantel, donated by the SCV Moulding & Design Center, and the fireplace. "The room is also connected to the kitchen, where the family has an existing dining room set that has an antique white finish. We brought that look to the fireplace to tie the two spaces together," he says.

The mantel, an addition made possible by the SCV Moulding & Design Center, is, according to owner Shauntel Anderson, an easy way to customize the look of a tract-home fireplace. "High-quality decorative mantel caps, combined with a properly selected finish, can really add a lot to a room, and the cost is very affordable," she explains. "Additions like these make a house a home. This is where the family is going to hang their Christmas stockings and display family heirlooms. It can become a real focal point, and it's one that many homeowners are now installing themselves," she continues.

A newly-finished fireplace and mantel, while lovely, are unable to add both physical and emotional warmth to a room without having something to "burn." Thankfully, Valley Breeze provided an exceptional set of gas logs that match the high quality of the room's other pieces. "We used 'The Lone Star' by Rasmussen Gas Logs because they are the only company that makes logs with ceramics, not paint and cement; while other log sets fade over time, these ceramic logs will look just as real years from now as they do today," says George Cleminson, owner of Valley Breeze.

Selecting a gas log set that perfectly incorporated into the space was an easy chore for Cleminson; Valley Breeze boasts hundreds of available gas log sets in addition to custom made options.

As one's eyes travel from up from the glowing fireplace, it is impossible not to notice the breathtaking hand-painted decoration provided by the A.Allbright team. In the shape of a medallion, the painting was custom designed with both space and the client's preferences in mind. "The color palette was determined by referencing the color of a candle the client really liked, along with elements found in one of the pictures they had displayed on their wall. We also took some of the new fabrics and furniture that were being introduced into the client's home into consideration," shares A.Allbright owner Joshua Abramson.

A.Allbright's team is also responsible for the stunning wall finish now found in the room. The bronzy metallic result was created by A.Allbright and appropriately named London Bronze. The process is an intense multi-layered metallic paint finish technique, but the results are well worth it.

"We selected this wall finish in reaction to how the family room is adjacent to the kitchen. To define this space, we decided to go deeper in color with the walls, creating richness and drama to an area that was otherwise lost to the open plan of the kitchen," informs Abramson.

"At Suburban Chateau, we strive to pull in the personalities of the family as well as the needs of the family," says owner Kathy Goldstein. With this in mind, Goldstein's company contributed several key furniture pieces to the makeover.

"We chose an occasional chair in a neutral taupe, which will allow this piece to travel to different rooms and fit with different looks, if the family desires," she informs.

Function and style dictated Suburban Chateau's choice for the coffee table. "A chic-looking storage table gives the family a place to 'stash' remotes, magazines and books for the young ones. The side board gives the family additional storage space, something all families find themselves wanting," she explains.

For larger pieces, Suburban Chateau team members suggest that families with children select a neutral look and style that can be embellished beautifully but still evolve with the needs of the homeowners.

Deno Antonini of Interior Home also played a major role by providing custom-created and hand-selected pieces for the room. One of the Inside SCV Magazine team's favorite addition was Interior Home's custom-made toy chests.

"The chest was something I designed for an existing upholstered cushion. I'm a huge fan of Asian and Shaker styles, and both inspired this piece, which is made of solid poplar hardwood. The large drawer has full extension rails so that the kids can pull it all the way out to access their toys. The three smaller drawers were intended for each of their three children. This way, each child can have a separate space to put their individual drawings and art supplies," Antonini explains. The chest is a sample of the custom furniture Interior Home builds and designs for clients, often for the same price or less than popular retail stores.

Interior Home also contributed the mirror, composed of antique tins and wood framing, as well as the side table, an imported piece from India made of solid teak with wrought iron detail. "The antique look of the mirror makes it feel like a one-of-a-kind piece that adds a unique eclectic element, and the table has an Asian style that brings continuity as well as practicality to the room," says Antonini.

After the major renovations and large furniture pieces were in place, accessories and key lighting elements were added. Brent's Carpet One contributed a custom throw rug made out of high-quality Camelot carpet.

Brodie Electric provided custom-selected lighting options for the room. Says Brodie Electric president Paul Brodie, "The lights I chose to use in this room are very versatile low-voltage adjustable recessed lights. They are great for highlighting art work, bookcases, shelving and furniture but work equally as well as reading lights over couches or cozy chairs." A variety of trim types as well as bulb wattages and beam spreads are available for fixtures like these. When combined with dimmers, they help to create the perfect ambience in almost any room.

"I felt that this type of lighting was the best way to really highlight everything that was going on in this space, especially the metallic finish and decorative painting. The intensity of halogen lighting helps to bring out colors and contrasts in such settings," Brodie explains.

The final addition of hand-selected accessories made the room complete. Deborah Gardiner, owner of Inspirational Home & Garden, had more in mind than just filling space when she reviewed her contributions. "Products with symbolic images or meaningful words remind us of the important things in life; they remind us of what we and our families find value in. In this way they make a statement of who we are. Items in our home can also strengthen an individual or a family, inspiring us to be our best selves," she says.

With this in mind, Gardiner's Inspirational Home & Garden boutique provided the whimsical American Heritage Fall Angel, made of glass, metal and resin. Gardiner also donated one of her most popular items, thematic pumpkins made in America by a company called the Salem Collection. The V Designs plaque was selected from the store as well because of its ability to work well within homes that boast rustic earth tones.

Ede Eichmann, owner of Madalian, was inspired by the rich tones prevalent in the room. "Shades of gold, bronze, amber, cream, brown and muted sage accent the walls and furniture so nicely. We selected pieces that were as one-of-a-kind as the space and added embellishments to make the room more inviting and pulled-together." Adds Eichmann's business partner Katie BLANK, "Items like the amber glass or the bronze and crystal frame catch light and throw warmth in multiple directions. In a way, these inanimate objects make the room cozier."

"Iron is a fantastic accent piece, as are live, easy-to-care-for orchids," observes Sue Opalk, owner of Orchid Gift Emporium. Each of these selections now perch on the homeowner's mantel. "Both of these selections are so versatile and can look at home in a variety of themed decor," she continues. Opalk suggests transitional pieces like these that can flexibly be incorporated into ever-changing styles.

Billie Hubbard, owner of La Via Bella, contributed multiple accessories that ranged from old world to Tuscan inspired, including a Sid Dickens tile, dark-wood clock, decorative chest, floral arrangement and more. "Having an eclectic collection gives the impression that items were collected over time. This is an especially important quality to bring to newer tract homes, as it's easy for spaces like these to seem almost too fresh and sterile," she says.

The collection of Home Room Makeover professionals certainly outdid themselves this year!


Special Thanks to Inside SCV Magazine's Home Room Makeover Team

Metallic London Bronze Paint
Decorative Painting above fireplace

Action Window & Door
Knotty Alder Door

American Fine Finishing
Stain and Finishing on Entertainment Center, Mantel and Door

Brent's Carpet One
Custom Camelot Carpet Throw

Brodie Electric
Low-Voltage Adjustable Recessed Lights

Coming Home Fabrics
Fabric for Valances, Toy Chest Top, Toy Chest Pillows and Couch Pillows

Custom Woodworks
Custom-build Solid Wood Entertainment Center

Inspirational Home & Garden
Inspirational Quote in Frame, Welcome Friends Carved Pumpkin, Decorative Angel, Leaf Frame
Interior Home
Antiqued Tin Mirror, Custom-made Toy Chest, End Table

La Via Bella
Floral Arrangement, Lamp, Medallion, Large Floor Candlestick, Sid Dickens Tile, Clock, Decorative Chest

Madalian Pillow and Blanket, Amber Glass Candle Holders, Decorative Iron Trio, Chess Pieces, Harlequin Travel Cases, Faux Plant in Urn, Metallic and Crystal Frame

Orchid Gift Emporium
Orchid, Iron Candle Holder, Distressed Frame, Quote Plate

SCV Moulding & Design Center
Mantel Cap

Suburban Chateau
Occasional Chennille Chair, Coffee Table, Side Board

Tami Smight Interiors
Drapery Valance, Toy Chest Top, Pillows on Couch and Toy Chest

Valley Breeze
Fireplace Log Set, Fireplace Screen Casablanca Fan
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