Last-minute Holiday Home Improvements
December, 2008 - Issue #50
The "happiest" time of year also seems to be the busiest. But that doesn't mean you can't find time to make those final home improvements that will turn your space into the "wowing" place you want it to be.
Here's your game plan to get it all done - in a month or less.

Three to Four Weeks Ahead
There's Still Time for Shutters
Shutters appeal to everyone and give your home a rich, ordered appearance. They come in different louver sizes and frame styles to give your home an added flair. Since shutters can be installed in as little as three to four weeks, they make a dramatic change before the holiday entertaining begins, and a perfect holiday gift for distinctive tastes.
CountryView Shutters 661-254-2908

Get the Garage Organized
If you don't have cabinetry or ceiling racks in the garage, they can be added quickly and affordably before the holiday season - with plenty of time remaining to use the space to store extra decor and hide holiday gifts! The most cost-effective approach is spending approximately $200 to $300 to get 30 to 50 cubic feet of storage on the ceiling (installed). For the items that you use more readily, consider cabinet packages; they start at $500 and can be as basic or as custom as you need. Modular slatwall is also a great way to store holiday items at a third of the cost compared to enclosed storage. You can even DIY; visit for a full line of storage and organization products.
Garage Envy 888-750-5824

Two to Three Weeks Ahead
Add Color with Window Coverings
The Hunter Douglas line of window coverings can be ordered and installed within two to three weeks. Faux wood blinds give the appearance of a wood blind but are more affordable and can help you stay within budget. Honeycomb shades can be great for insulating the home; they come in a fantastic array of colors for those looking to use window coverings to add vibrancy to your room.
Alpine Shutters 251-1038

Small Changes, Big Difference in the Kitchen
One of the easiest ways to make a real difference is to add decorative knobs and handles to the cabinetry in the kitchen and other areas in the house. It helps the cabinetry stay clean without all of the oils from our hands and will only take a day or two. Plus, it's very affordable. However, if drawers are broken, don't slide well or are poorly sized, a set of new drawers can make the kitchen work so much better and make storage more efficient. If we build three-quarter-inch solid maple drawers with custom dovetails on the front and use state-of-the-art self-closing full extension under-mount slides, we can now expect great longevity and perfect operation for a lifetime.
David Bryan Woodworks 312-1964

Customize your Floor
Three weeks is enough time to order a custom floor from just about any manufacturer, but the shorter the time frame, the more you are depending on the location of the material. If a distributor in Los Angeles has the material you are after, than we can have it to our store in a couple of days, and then we just have to contend with crew availability. I have seen "emergency" projects that happened in less than 24 hours, but when you get to that kind of time schedule you are at the mercy of whatever materials are on hand, and steeper labor charges to entice a crew to work through a night or on weekends.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

Host your Party around an Outdoor Fireplace
We specialize in masonry work with our beautifully-designed freestanding fireplaces and barbecues, seat walls, fire pits, retaining walls and landscaping, which are all done by our very own in-house specialty crews. Imagine sitting outside next to your new freestanding masonry fireplace sipping hot chocolate with your family over the holidays!
SCV Pools 250-4900

One to Two Weeks Ahead
Change your Dining Set

In three weeks to a day, major improvements can take place. Dining room furniture can really spruce up and modernize the home before the guests arrive. If a new set isn't an option, get some great new dining chairs to make the space look fresh.
Suburban Chateau 775-2980

Focus on the Details in the Kitchen and Bath
Some things that can be done in a smaller time frame would be re-facing cabinets, replacing just the tile countertop (with granite or quartz), updating the backsplash (with new tile), adding new plumbing fixtures and installing lighting fixtures (replace those outdated ones with new styles of lighting). Even replacing your large mirror with a small vanity mirror could give your bathroom a whole new look.
Dannick Design 775-7430

One Week to One Day Ahead
Last-minute Furniture Addition

The dining room is a primary place of focus because that is where the entertaining is taking place. A table from us can be purchased and delivered within a couple of days.
Bella Venezia 254-2246

Remove Distracting Elements
Go around the house and put away everything that is not necessary; keep it simple. Then, add a couple of new seasonal or bigger-impact items, along with some new candles. It only takes a few new things to change everything. Simple and clean is key.
Simplese 260-3377

Change your Entryway in a Day
Legacy Stairs can remove your wood ballaters and replace them with wrought iron; there are over a dozen styles and colors to choose from and the whole project can be completed in a day.
Legacy Stairs 297-7530

Touch Up the Paint
Is your front porch in need of some TLC? Our "Mint-N-Quick" program will supply you with a painter for one day to do the last minute touch ups you may need. We supply a uniformed painter with painting supplies and all you provide is the paint.
Mint Condition Painting & Moulding 251-5521

Pump Up the Paint Color
Use our "Painter For A Day" program to quickly get ready for the holidays. We can add some complementary accent walls to beautifully enhance your existing colors, or try a contrasting trim color to add spice to your holiday festivities. A fresh color change to the kitchen can also make a big impact.
A. Albright 294-1156

Add Detail to the Walls
Our last minute decorating suggestion would be our tapestry wall hangings, which come in over 75 assorted designs and sizes. They are great for that wall that just needs "something."
Coming Home Fabrics 255-5023

Get Punchy with New Pillows
Pillows are an easy and affordable choice to transform the look of a room for holiday entertaining. How about some down, velvet-covered pillows for your living room sofa? We offer ready made and custom down pillows in rich jewel tones for the holidays. You can even add some bling in the form of tassels and fringe to really express your style.
Tami Smight Interiors 430-0127

After it's All Over
Make Next Year Waaayyy Easier

Pack up your holiday decor, then call us. We'll pick it up and store it in a 7-foot by 7-foot space for $50 a month. It's a deal compared to a 5-foot by 10-foot space at another storage facility for about $119 a month! The best part is, we'll deliver your holiday decor to your door next year!
Affordable Quality Moving & Storage 254-7823
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