Love your Space
August, 2009 - Issue #58
Bella Notte linens available at Suburban Chateau.
Bella Notte linens available at Suburban Chateau.
Just like any long-term romance, the relationship between you and your home requires a little effort now and then. Banish boredom with accents that are sure to put the "spark" back where it belongs.

The Bedroom...
"Get rid of the baggage." Couples' therapy phrases can be just as relevant to your bedroom design. The bedroom is a place of rest, reflection and connection. Clutter serves as a distraction at best; as a stressful reminder of your to-do list at worst. Banish electronic temptations completely if you can. Otherwise, hide the TV behind armoire doors and stash the laptop under the bed or in a drawer when not in use.

A great new hair cut can make a woman feel refreshed. The same theory can be applied to the bedroom. Updated bedding is a practical addition that can entirely change the look of the space. Bella Notte linens available at Suburban Chateau.

For less than a drive-thru dinner you can add a touch of romantic texture to your bed scape. Translucent fabric can be draped atop your canopy, the headboard or as a dramatic wall cover.

Mom knows best: Make your bed every day. This simple five-minute habit will help you gather your thoughts in the morning and will make the evening's respite that much more pleasant.

Rich tones of wall color dramatically define a room's personality. Powerful hues go a long way; consider revising your room by painting one accent wall. You'll see a big impact for just a little money and time. We like A. Allbright's new EcoFriendly paint line that boasts low odor and low VOCs. It's made fresh on site in the SCV, cutting down on environmental impacts associated with shipping.

The Bathroom...
Not everyone can escape to a spa at a moment's notice and even the best of intentions might not make your functional bathroom look like a million bucks. Still, there's a lot you can do to ensure that your space is a place of rejuvenation.

Academics tell us that the average American is exposed to about 3,000 advertisements a day. Cut down the mental noise by immediately removing your must-have bath products from their "loud" packaging and storing them in easily-accessible, attractive compartments.

Bathrooms are often filled with hard lines that can appear too sharp and sterile. Soften your space visually with the addition of fabrics and textured accents. Even a short stack of new towels can make a major difference.

Florals by Acton Country Flowers.
Florals by Acton Country Flowers.
The Accents...
A well-dressed home, one that you'll love to live in, often reflects the exercise of restraint. A space with few accents can be described as understated and elegant. Too many, however, and you enter the realm of gaudy. Besides, all those nooks and crannies collect dust - and that's one accent that's never welcome.

Large mirrors do more than serve as affordable wall art. They visually expand the space and can reflect light to brighten an otherwise dark room. Florals by Acton Country Flowers.

If you have difficulty justifying a decor-related purchase, stick with beautiful items that hold a pragmatic purpose. Frame available at Ma Maison.

Chaise, throw, pillow and mirror selected from La Via Bella.
Chaise, throw, pillow and mirror selected from La Via Bella.
The Lounging Space...
If you are hesitant to invite friends or family over for fear that your house doesn't measure up, you're not alone. But homes are meant to be lived in, and that means having good experiences in your space. Loved ones want to spend time with you, not your couch. Find balance between practical and paranoia by starting with a clean, decluttered space. Then add a few well-placed accents (perhaps an interesting lamp or candelabra) and start extending invitations for a visit.

Go wild! There's something inherently fun and whimsical about even the most sophisticated animal print. If you love it you'll find a way to make it work. Chaise, throw, pillow and mirror selected from La Via Bella.

Red is undeniably the color of love. Add a royal metallic to the deep, romantic shade for an eye-catching result.

Built-ins and crown moulding provide even the newest of homes with a sense of permanence. Crown moulding available from Mint Condition Painting & Moulding, built-ins by David Bryan Woodworks.
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