Natural Wellness at Home
February, 2007 - Issue #28
Daily living with the stress of two income families, an over-full schedule and environmental toxins can wear on a person both physically and mentally. If our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary, shouldn't we put a little energy into making that space better for our bodies and our spirits?

As moms, we are always searching for ways to bring more calm into our crazy lives and reduce our worries about our family's health. Recently we had a chance to talk to Gail White, owner of Saje Natural Wellness, about how to incorporate natural remedies into our regular home life (We're fans of that "ounce of prevention better than a pound of cure" adage our grandmothers touted.)

White's business sells therapeutic-grade essential oils that can be disseminated into the air of your home (more on that process in a second). Many are organic and all are extracted through a completely chemical-free process, as well as sourced from where the plant is indigenous.

"If our HOMES are supposed to be our SANCTUARY, shouldn't we put a little energy into making that space better for our bodies and our spirits?"
Oils do more than smell good, which says a lot. One wiff of a chamomile blend and we were in heaven! High-quality aromatherapy products, like those that can be found at Saje, can help you relax, focus, ward-off infection, cheer you, help you meditate and make a feel good environment for your home.

Here are some of Saje's best sellers. Chamomile Calm is a customer favorite with a delicate essence of chamomile that soothes the psyche. White says, "I've witnessed eyes shut and bodies sway after a few whiffs of this great oil." Yoga is another favorite with a blend of patchouli, rosewood, neroli and champa that invokes a feeling of tranquility and well-being. "Smiles emerge after sniffing of this blend," informs Gail. A particular favorite of moms and dads is a blend of thyme, tea tree and pine called Fortify. This antibacterial mixture kills bacteria, strengthens the immune system and fortifies the air against bacteria and germs. Another popular choice is Lavender. Saje carries an organic full-aroma Lavandula Angustifolia from France; it's the best! Citrus Dreams is a blend of orange, grapefruit, neroli and lemon, which cheerfully "brings" the sunshine indoors. Goddess is a creation of rose, neroli, jasmine and champa, an intoxicating and transcendental combination.

There are several ways to disseminate healthful oils throughout your home. Misters can be sprayed in the air, on a pillow or in a room. There is a diffuser with a glass bowl that can be filled with water, essence of choice and placed above a candle. Ionizers are beautiful glass bowls with soft lights that have an ionizing mechanism that cleans the air and diffuses the blend of your choice. Fill the bowl with water, add your favorite blend and plug into the wall. Each has an automatic shut-off when the water level gets low.

Says White, "I like and agree with a comment by Dr. Cynthia Foster, who observes, 'In other countries such as Germany, France and Great Britain, aromatherapy is considered sercious medical science. [It] is available in hospitals... There have been countless European (as well as some American) research studies which prove the effectiveness of therapeutic-grade essential oils.'"

If you are interested, like we were, in natural wellness for our families, visit Saje Natural Wellness located in the Valencia Town Center Mall on the second floor across from Macy's. You may also want to visit the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy's website for more information (
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