On-trend Styles to Pin Now
March, 2015 - Issue #125
We can't get enough of Pinterest, especially now that everyone's chatting about the best home improvement trends of 2015. Here's our contribution to the dialogue. Pin them to your boards by checking out our stash of stylish pins at

This remodeled kitchen by Rebecca Rollins Interiors (RRI) features antiqued white shaker style cabinets; opposing-
yet-complementary colors for the island and cabinets; a unique blue and grey granite that is mated to a chic
backsplash tile design and very smart tile flooring that looks exactly like distressed wood but is easier to maintain.
{Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394}

RemodelMomma This is the kind of spring
cleaning I can get behind! Perfection!

photo by Mel Carll
photo by Mel Carll
Marble is a top 2015 trend that's growing in popularity thanks to the increasing popularity in white cabinetry. Homeowners choose marble not only for its timeless beauty but because the white brightness is not available in granite or soapstone. Another bonus: Carrara marble is very affordable.
{Surfaces USA 775-9404}

Cookinthekitchen I love this trend! Marble's cool temperature makes it an
ideal surface for working with pastry.

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Beautify your home with new flooring!
It's a smart way to visually distinguish areas
that vary in function and style.
{Wicall's Carpets 259-6040}

Salefinder I heard that Wicall's is celebrating their 47th year
in the SCV with a huge sale on all flooring in stock!

Time in a nature-inspired kitchen is the best way to start and
end the day feeling harmonious. Clean, simples aesthetics,
a 2015 trend, make this one particularly inviting.
{Dannick Design, Inc. 775-7430}

Stylewatch The Delicatus Light Granite countertop,
white melamine cabinets with a white-whisper satin finish,
energy-efficient stainless steel appliances and natural flooring
help this space "go green" with effortless style.

Make the guest room gorgeous with a
wall bed that fits your life - and decor.
{A Royal Suite 259-7000}

DesignDiva Love how wall beds create double-duty functional space. The office or gym can turn into a guest room in seconds!

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
One of 2015's top eye-popping painting trends takes color to a new level - specifically, the ceiling. Consistent color from wall to ceiling can expand your space when you choose a light shade or make the room feel cozier when you go darker.
{Magic Maintenance, Inc. Painting 259-3373}

PaintPro By not breaking up the space with a different color on the ceiling, the room appears larger and more airy.

Does your Trendsetting Home Improvement Add Up?
by Randal G. Winter
The "cost versus value" report is out and it's a good marker of where we're at when you look at home improvements as an investment. (Find the info at The takeaway, though, is this: Don't get too hung up on the "down turn." Evaluate your needs and budget and take my advice to heart for maximum gain.

Investment improvements should be reviewed just like it would be by a financial advisor. Home improvements are an asset and should not be looked at as a period in time, like an income statement, but over the life of the asset, as in a balance sheet.
Though an investment in a home today - based upon the current return on investment - may not appear strong, it is difficult to understand that such an investment will be a value holder at a later point in time.

Also remember that investing in the labor and material cost today with "2015 dollars" will be less then investing later, thanks to inflation. Translation: You'll be paying less by investing today as opposed to tomorrow.

Further, investing in maintenance items like roofs, siding or any deteriorating elements will cost less now, as they will create greater, more expensive problems from neglect or deferred maintenance.
Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089
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