Professional Holiday Light Installation is a Bright Idea
December, 2008 - Issue #50
True story: A few years back, my father fell off the second story of my childhood home in his attempt to install Christmas lights. The tumble left him with a torn shoulder and a cast on his leg.

Suffice to say that ladders and slippery roofs aren't the safest of combinations. That's part of the reason why professional holiday light installation is becoming so popular.

The other reason, of course, is the look of the final product. Companies like Landscape Pros (510-8867), a certified, regional distributor of Bright Ideas Decorating products, unite skilled hands, an artistic eye and superior-quality LED lights. "Bright Ideas manufacture a whole different style of lights; you have to see them to really understand just how unique they are. People are amazed when they check out the website, The light sets are built on a durable, powder-coated frame and feature both repetitive and stand-alone designs in themes like Christmas stockings, mistletoe, snow flakes, wreaths and more," says Chad Curtis of Landscape Pros.

Darell Lee, owner of Christmas Lights Installation by Darell Lee (297-7013), has been featured on Channel 7 for the past eight years; last year the station pegged him the "guru" of holiday home lighting. Clients consider what he does an art.

Lee cites several trendy options. "Some folks just do the bushes and trees in the front yard. Tree wraps are popular; lights travel up the trunk and through the branches. We can do something called a 'double run,' with traditional icicles and a bigger colored bulb in tandem. 'Peppermint' houses - red and white - give a great candy cane affect."

When you consider the risk, and the amount of work that holiday light installation entails, it's surprising to find out that professional help is so affordable. "We have a $350 minimum for up and down, installation and removal. The average SCV house probably runs $450," says Lee. Clients can provide their own lights or the company can sell you a set from one of their professional lighting manufacturers.

A.Allbright, a local premier painting contractor, also offers convenient home and business decorating services. They take the burden out of shopping for necessary materials and provide one-stop set-up and removal for rooflines, landscapes or trees. "We want to turn SCV homes and businesses into winter wonderlands!," says Joshua Abramson of A.Allbright (294-1159).
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