Solar makes "Cents"
Yes, it's Really as Good as it Sounds (Really!)
May, 2012 - Issue #91
I'm a big fan of Mother Earth. I love the concept of alternative fuel sources. But I'm also a working parent - and, while I've been known to "hug" a few trees here and there - I've never found one that grows money.

"Some rebates are set to EXPIRE SOON. Hurry! "

I've always liked the idea of using solar energy to power my home; I just didn't like the idea of paying for it. Like you, perhaps, I operated under the assumption that I couldn't afford a solar-power system.

That was until my neighbor started making the rounds showing off his $2 electric bill (down from a high of about $300 a month, on average). He had just committed to a $0-money-down solar lease (more on that in a second) of a fixed $150 a month. I'm no math wizard, but $148 instant monthly savings had my attention.
Still, I was raised under the "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" philosophy. "There must be a catch," I thought. So, like any good cynic, I went to the source. My first question to Mitch Katz of Solar Universe was simple: "What am I missing? Is my neighbor really getting solar for 'free?'" His reply: "You aren't missing anything; there's no 'catch.' And - yes! Solar Universe can make solar 'free' for qualifying homeowners."

You're probably thinking what I was thinking. "How!? How can solar be 'free?' That technology isn't cheap!" You're right. What I learned from Mitch, whose company has installed more than 1,000 residential and business solar applications, is that the combination of incredible federal, state and local rebate incentives (Some set to expire soon! Hurry!) with record-low financing rates have allowed respected companies like Solar Universe to create fixed monthly price packages that slash electric bills (and often eliminate them altogether). In this case, you really can "have your cake and eat it, too," though a better rephrasing would be, you can "save the planet and save money, too!"

Every solar company is different, but from where I stand, Solar Universe gets it right from the start. The combination of friendly customer service (I had a lot of questions about solar-panel placement - and was very pleased to find out that Solar Universe has a reputation for identifying the most aesthetic layout possible.), superior technology and a can't-beat-it price structure was impressive. I also like the idea of supporting a local company while, at the same time, benefitting from the expertise and buying power of one of the fastest-growing solar installers out there. This organization really is the best of both worlds. Sign me up! This "cynic" is sold!
Log on to find out how much you could be saving every month on your electric bill. Get a FREE quote at

Solar Leases at a Glance
Leasing your solar system gives you the financial benefits of going solar without the high up-front costs. Solar energy is a proven, reliable energy source that is saving money for many smart homeowners today. And as the cost of electricity increases, you'll be satisfied knowing your electricity costs are locked in over the term of your lease. Qualifying homeowners pay no money down and start saving (a lot!) beginning with the first month of service.

Your $0-Down Solar Lease Includes:
Insurance Solar Universe fully insures the system against damage, loss or theft.

Repair and Maintenance
The company offers a full "bumper to bumper" warranty including all parts, labor and performance.
System Monitoring Solar Universe provides remote system monitoring for the entire term of the lease.

Performance Guarantee
Mitch explains that the company's detailed design process assures homeowners that their system is guaranteed to produce the power promised.

Flexible Ownership Options
Should you decide to buy your system down the line, or if you choose to move before your lease is up, there are many ways to make you happy.
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