Support American Craftspeople
& Local Small Business with A Royal Suite Home Furnishings
December, 2020 - Issue #195
"Sounds good! Our clients will love it. Glad we could work something out."
Norb Moniz, owner of A Royal Suite Home Furnishings, hangs up the phone with a smile.
"That was one of our biggest and most popular manufacturers," he tells me. "We finalized a big shipment that we're getting at a discount. Our clients are loving this brand - very affordable, very high quality, incredibly comfortable sofas and sectionals. He gives me a deal, I'm able to lower prices, everyone wins."
"Everyone wins." That might as well be the motto for A Royal Suite. A well-respected local nonprofit donor, employer and community retailer for over 40 years, the family-owned and operated furniture store has made a name for itself making people happy.
"After visiting many chain furniture stores in the SCV, we walked into A Royal Suite and found THE PERFECT COUCH, sold to us by a well-educated and professional design pro. He gave us space to look around and when we asked for info, he was incredibly knowledgeable. On our second visit, THE OWNER came out and explained the process of how he selects his mattress, which was very educational. Our buying experience has always been exceptional at A Royal Suite."
Right now, a major focus: the viability of the American worker.
"We've always carried predominantly American-made products," says Moniz. "The quality's better overall and we can still sell it at competitive prices because we have long-standing relationships with our manufacturers." But with COVID, the industry experienced difficulties.
"We heard about layoffs and furloughs, so we doubled down," says Moniz. "We reached out to our brands and let them know we're on their side. We placed big orders. We want to keep them working."
The orders were so big, in fact, that Norb and his team are preparing for a massive Black Friday sale to clear out stock. "We have to make room for all the 2021 orders, so everything in store is 50 percent off, with just a few exceptions, like Tempur-Pedic. We're excited to get this great furniture in the homes of our clients before the holidays - and to do our part to keep American craftspeople working."
A win-win if we've ever seen one.

Proud to Purvey Top American-made Brands
Over 80 percent of the furniture sold at A Royal Suite Home Furnishings stores is made in the United States. "It's a win/win/win," says Moniz. "Our customers get a better-quality product, we help keep good jobs in the States and we reduce strain on the environment by not relying on overseas transport. We're able to keep higher-end American furniture affordable because our relationships with these companies span decades. It's a major point of pride at A Royal Suite."
Omnia Leather • Jonathan Lewis Furniture • Trendwood Furniture USA
EJ Lauren • Flores Designs • Gomen Fine Furniture • Murphy Wall Beds
Tempur-Pedic • Sealy Mattresses • Restonic Mattresses
Diamond Mattress Co.• Hummer Mattresses

Proud to Support Santa Clarita's Nonprofits
A Royal Suite Home Furnishings has supported SCV nonprofits for over 40 years. "We have incredible relationships with local organizations going back generations, focusing on opportunities to help SCV children thrive," says owner Norb Moniz. Here's just a few:
Safety Town Santa Clarita Optimist Foundation
Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Camp Ronald McDonald
Heart of the West Carousel Ranch
Spring Soiree Legacy Christian Academy
Festival of Trees Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita
Numerous Sports Teams Throughout the SCV & AV
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