It's not just for Cars anymore
June, 2008 - Issue #44
When the scent of blueberry-jasmine candles wafts above the 78 color-coordinated satin pillows colonizing your couches and the TV remote has its own knitted cozy you know your man-card is in danger of repossession.

That's why men retreat to the garage. But just because the garage is the last place where testosterone isn't a dirty word doesn't mean we have to stand for old refrigerators with bottle openers bolted to the side and non-PC calendars featuring the finest in airbrushed cheesecake technology. For Father's Day, let's celebrate this foxhole of Y-chromosome genetics with the latest in garage tech.

Garage Envy
Garage Envy
Garage Envy
Call the experts at Garage Envy for a free consultation. Their staff will help you design a perfect complement to your needs and lifestyle, instantly displaying the plan with their 3-D software. Like a plastic surgeon, these artists can take what you've got and make it look better. But unlike plastic surgery, you can show your co-workers without embarrassment or risking a nasty memo from Human Resources.

Garage Envy specializes in installing mobile work surfaces, turning your garage into a veritable chameleon of utility. These heavy-duty units feature full-swivel 3-1/2-inch locking casters, letting you reconfigure the room instantly. The straight-grain Michigan maple surfaces would look at home in your dining room, but can stand up to tough garage use. With an infinite number of arrangements, you can always find the perfect set-up for any project.

Finish off the room with their EZ-Loft ceiling storage units to maximize your garage's storage capacity without compromising floor space or parking. Each unit can support up to 500 pounds of gear, safely and securely. With your possessions safely overhead, you can spend your time marveling at their liquid granite flooring.

888-750-5824 •

Premier Garage
Premier Garage
Premier Garage
The leader in garage enhancement takes charge of your forgotten room from top to bottom. Starting with the floor, the company applies the latest in hybrid polymer technology. This stain- and chemical-resistant finish looks better than the marble countertops in your kitchen, but can withstand hot tires and rolling tool chests. Even better, it's ready to go in only 24 hours. With this floor you'll never feel guilty calling on the five second rule again.

Premier Garage can top off this tantalizing floor with cabinets featuring euro-hidden hinges and one-inch thick shelves. All-steel organizers in a myriad of shapes and sizes ensure that you'll have a place for everything and everything in its place. Even better, you can rely on their skilled design consultants. Working with you, they'll display your options on a laptop computer so you can see what's possible.

Once your garage is fit for a king, you'll want to show it off. Consider adding a garage screen system that lets you spend quality time in your new favorite room, protected from insects and other undesirables.

310-1232 •

Closet Crafters
The experts at Closet Crafters will organize your garage better than a team of AFL-CIO operatives. They can install anything from the traditional white melamine cabinets to real-wood built-in shelves that produce an English library look so authentic you'll start speaking in a cockney accent and buy a smoking jacket, even if you don't smoke.

The company's specialty is custom-fit organization systems, ranging from pantries to computer desks to media centers. Now there's an idea - install a full-width media niche in the garage. You'll never want to leave. While you're at it, though, consider ordering one of their space-saving Murphy beds so you'll have a place to crash when the spouse kicks you out of the bedroom.

If you're getting the idea that Closet Crafters offers services suited to any room, not just the garage, go to the head of the class. With their help, you can make more stuff disappear than David Blaine with a case of kleptomania. Give them a call for a storage makeover and you'll never again yell, "Honey, where is my -----."

877-644-7100 •
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