The COLOR Solution
August, 2012 - Issue #94
A.Allbright Painting 294-1159
A.Allbright Painting 294-1159
Rules for Picking Colors
by Josh Abramson
When picking colors for your home it's important to be happy with what you choose. In an effort to help you make the right color choices that work together, we've put together these color tips to assist you in choosing colors for your home. It's important to create a color harmony. First and foremost, you want all the colors you pick to work with one another.

Decide on a mood or theme you want to create.

Decide on a color scheme. Monochromatic? Analogous? Complimentary?

Keep neutral colors on the ceilings.
Paste large color sample boards to the wall you are considering putting it on.
Remember that light colors open up a space while darker colors create intimacy and strength.

Door trims do not have to be white. A few shades darker create a subtle contrast.

A.Allbright Painting has developed a way to help you through this process by creating over 15 exclusive color palettes, each with eight different colors. They not only developed beautiful colors, but they've grouped them into palettes that evoke certain feelings and moods. They take us to places that we remember or dream of.
All the colors within each palette are designed to work together harmoniously, thus simplifying the selection process. Using these palettes of colors can help you not only choose your paint colors but also assist you in selecting color for your surrounding elements in the space - items like fabrics, furniture, decorations and flooring.
A.Allbright offers free color advice and assistance using their trained designers when you book your project with them. This $350 value is good for a two-hour color consultation.
A.Allbright Painting 294-1159

Tami Smight Interiors 430-0127
Tami Smight Interiors 430-0127
Create a Color Flow
by Tami Smight

Choosing the right paint colors to connect your rooms all starts with inspiration. Maybe it is a piece of art, a rug, a favorite vase... anything can inspire a color palette to coordinate interior paint colors.

Creating a flow seamlessly in your home will give a sense of harmony. To best accomplish this, choose hues with similar values and undertones. So, if you love reds with blue undertones, look for other colors with blue undertones.

When selecting paint colors with my clients, these are some guidelines I follow: Select one or two common colors to carry through all the rooms of your home (such as base, crown and doors). Alternate main wall colors with accent colors between rooms. Let your design accessories such as artwork, rugs, drapery, accent pillows and upholstery fabrics create a flow from room to room.

Paint is the most affordable design element in a room but choosing the right colors can be daunting. Call Tami Smight Interiors at (430-0127) for your in-home paint consultation.

Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089
Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089
Custom Cupboards
Designing your kitchen is exciting, but finding the perfect finish and door style can be difficult. With Custom Cupboards' more-than-100 door styles and hundreds of finishes, you'll have the options to get the look you're after. Not sure what you want? No worries. Professional designers at Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. are trained to help you find the perfect look.
Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089

Dannick Designs 775-7430
Dannick Designs 775-7430
Let there be White
Glossy-white cabinetry paired with ultra-contemporary chrome fixtures is the hot cabinetry color right now, says Nick Oz of Dannick Design, who brought this local kitchen remodel to life. Dannick Design 775-7430

Awash in Color
Bathrooms are the perfect place to engage in stress-relieving color therapy. Choose spa-esque tile shades like sea greens, turquoise and creams for a truly relaxing environment.
SC Flooring 799-8088


Tropitone's URComfort® Line
Combines Style with Coziness

With leading edge designs in both consumer and commercial markets, Tropitone helps create stylish outdoor living solutions. From exquisitely-detailed luxurious traditional outdoor furniture that exudes fashion and sophistication, to outdoor furniture collections that offer a more urban, sleek, contemporary feel, Tropitone outdoor furniture will satisfy your desires for a more modern or traditional style without sacrificing the pure comfort of outdoor living. With the widest selection of outdoor patio furniture styles, finishes, colors and fabrics, finding elegant, comfortable furniture to fit your personal style is both simple and affordable. Save up to $400 with the coupons below.
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

Need Tips on Landscaping? Take a Class!
Summer is back! Trees are green, flowers are blooming, and it is hot! If you have trouble keeping your garden looking its best in Santa Clarita, then you are certainly not alone. But did you know that CLWA offers gardening classes that can help you make the most of your time in your garden? Learn more about SCV-friendly plants - plants that tolerate our soil, hot summers and occasional freeze in the winter. Tips on pruning, irrigation, landscape design and more are offered at CLWA headquarters for free throughout the year.

Join them in July as they share design ideas for your landscape in the "Dare to Dream" class. And go back in August for "Less is More" to learn about ways that you can minimize your grass with artificial turf. There are hundreds of possibilities to make your garden more water efficient, low maintenance and even more beautiful.

Join hundreds of residents who have gotten great gardening tips for free from many available classes. Reservations are not required. For the latest schedule of gardening classes, visit online call with questions. 513-1230

Keep your Garden Growing and Bright
You may notice a dust or talcum-like powder on your roses, lilacs or phlox this month. Apply a fungicide.
Use barbecue-grill ashes in vegetable gardens and flower beds. These ashes contain phosphorus, potassium and calcium.
Hot peppers will keep best if stored after they dry. Thread the peppers on a string and hang in a cool, dry place.
Don't forget custom outdoor furnishings by OW Lee, Hanamint, Alumont and Homecrest, along with umbrellas, replacement cushions, patio accessories and one-of-a-kind garden gifts to brighten your yard. Green Thumb 259-1072

Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165
Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165
Vinyl Windows Beyond Basic White
Milgard has developed a proprietary paint formulation that outperforms the competition. It's so weather resistant, it meets the same color and gloss performance as their dependable standard vinyl colors. Milgard Premium Exterior Vinyl Finishes allow higher solar reflectivity that preserves the painted exterior. (And your sanity - they come with a full lifetime warranty). Now you can have the superior energy-efficiency and maintenance-free performance of vinyl with more color flexibility, allowing you to enhance the look of your home. Seven premium exterior colors (bronze, espresso, chocolate, taupe, silver, light grey and ivory) in addition to traditional white and tan, means you can coordinate colors with your exterior trim, siding and stucco. Preferred Glass & Windows 298-2165

Brent's Carpet One 255-3337
A Flooring Collection of California Colors
The high-variation Acacia wood floor carries a great design punch for those who want to "wow." The Luxury Vinyl plank provides a true-to-life travertine look and stone feel without having to worry about sealing, pitting and other upkeep issues. Light floor patterns bring texture and depth to the room without overwhelming other design elements.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

Color with a Lifetime Guarantee
Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber by American Showcase features beautiful, soft, luxurious, durable styles made from an Abbey Carpet & Floor exclusive premium brand of nylon. The styles consist of patterns, textures, twists and loops. Wicall's is offering an exclusive lifetime guarantee; they warrant that your Infinity carpet will remain stain resistant to most household food and beverage substances for as long as you own your carpet. Call for details.
Wicall's 259-6040

Color with a Rich Finish
The clean lines of the Bassett Redin Park panel bed provide a sleek, sophisticated style. The texture of the open grain in the Cathedral walnut veneers establishes a rich finish that highlights the linear design of the cases, which are enhanced by turned hardware pulls in a satin nickel finish. Save 25 to 35 percent on their best selling home collections through July 31.
The Right Place 294-7700

Orange Pop
The "it" color palate right now, says Kathy Goldstein of Suburban Chateau, is "grays and creams with pops of orange; it's clean, simple and elegantly casual all at once!" Suburban Chateau offers thousands of fabric and furniture options at way-below retail prices. Mention Inside SCV Magazine for up to 20% off wholesale prices during their Summer Sample Sale going on now.
Suburban Chateau 775-2980

Put a Colorful Past on Display
Add color and dimension to your walls with custom-built shadow boxes that do double duty. These decorating powerhouses not only add essential depth and personality to your space, they also get family mementos and heirlooms out of storage and where they belong - where everyone can see and enjoy them. Celebrate a much-missed pet, your family's military history in a way that preserves your treasures for future generations. Bring in the coupon on page 61 for $50 off your custom framing order. FastFrame 291-1325

Plush Color Rush
Few decor additions pack more punch than an area rug. Protect your floors, define your space and add physical and visual warmth with the perfect "final touch" from Cozy Shag and Westley rugs. Bella Venezia 254-2246

Bright and Bubbly
The Princess Collection by Alan Lee boasts silver, gold and black diamond detail options. Handmade and designed in New York, these timeless, elegant and opulent pieces are one of the hottest-selling collections right now. Stop in and save 30 percent off one item during their anniversary sale with the coupon found on page 57.
La Via Bella 222-7006

Our Favorite Color of All: "Green"
Save some "green" this month in three smart ways!

Douglas Furniture 255-8366
Douglas Furniture 255-8366
1. Douglas Furniture is hosting a huge sofa sale going on right now. Score high-quality, made-in-America pieces with handmade elements, hardwood framing and eight-way hand-tied springs for discounted prices. Brands like Henredon and Hancock and Moore are on sale boasting styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. 255-8366

2. Solar Universe can help you put solar on your house for free. Two of the Inside SCV publishers just received their first electric bill after their solar-lease install from Solar Universe. It was for $3! With no money down on the lease, they are seeing incredible instant savings. 805-777-7477

3. Eliminate the expense of bottled water and save big money over tank rentals. Stewart Water Treatment is now offering free basic installation (Over a $500 value; with the coupon on page 56.) of a water filtration system with a gold-standard 60-year reputation. The highest-quality whole-house system reduces operating expenses, saves energy, reduces need for plumbing repairs and reduces need for general maintenance. Puronics systems use various filtering technologies such as micro filtration, ultra filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection and bacteriostatic water conditioning for the health and happiness of your family. 264-5855
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