The Green Scene
May, 2009 - Issue #55
This month, we ring in the new ("green" paint with a super-low carbon footprint!) and celebrate the old (two local companies have made multi-decade investments in green technology).

Cover a Window, Save the World
When companies are willing to pay you to help save the earth, who are you to argue? Hunter Douglas is offering a $50 to $300 rebate per window (10 maximum) on select fabrics and styles of Duette Honeycomb shades. Available in single, double or triple honeycomb designs, Duette shades are highly energy efficient. The honeycomb construction insulates your windows to help keep heat out during the scorching summer months.
Available at Alpine Shutters and Window Fashions 251-1038

That Old "Tear Down" makes for a Media Center
In the olden days (say, 2003), the scrap materials that remained from torn-down buildings usually ended up in a landfill. Today, that wood is often given a second chance at life in the version of a dining room table, entertainment center, curio cabinet or outdoor lounge chair. Reclaimed wood is quickly becoming a tres chic alternative to lumber made from newly-harvested trees. Part of the draw should be the environmental factor; who wouldn't want a piece of furniture with a remarkably small carbon footprint? But for most homedwellers, the real selling point is that the pieces look and feel "vintage" without the price tag. Local retailer Bella Venezia sells custom-made pieces that are manufactured locally, and there are plenty of samples on the floor so that you can get a real "feel" for the shapes, styles and finishes you'd like replicated in the reclaimed wood you'll soon call your own.
Available at Bella Venezia 254-2246.

Green Philosophies
It's refreshing to find a company that was "green" before it was cool. Top Notch Construction has been utilizing the latest green technology, along with common-sense design, for decades. They show clients how a small upfront cost allows energy-efficient living to make your life more economical, comfortable and secure in the long run.
Full construction services available through Top Notch Construction 268-1937

Happy "Air"niversary
GW Richardson Heating and Air Conditioning is celebrating 22 years of installing energy-efficient home and business HVAC comfort systems throughout Southern California. A few years back, they introduced a Solar Electricity division. Since that time, the company has found solutions to fight the high cost of energy. With several home and business solar electricity projects completed, they are proud to be part of the energy crisis solution - providing customers an alternative to paying the high cost of electricity without losing comfort. Whether you hope to install a solar electricity or higher-efficiency comfort system, give them a call.
Available at GW Richardson Heating and Air Conditioning 295-0115

Allbright Paint can be customized to any shade specification.  2009 In Vogue Collection pictured here.
Allbright Paint can be customized to any shade specification. 2009 In Vogue Collection pictured here.
"Green" Paint can be Gorgeous (and Affordable)
A.Allbright now makes their own paint fresh every day on site, which is good news for both greenies and the fashion-savvy set. Every product is water based and made with the most stringent air quality standards in the country. Because they make the paint daily, it doesn't sit on the shelf. It's smoother and more consistent than anything they've used in the past (which is saying a lot). The Allbright Paint is low odor, low VOC, LEED Certified and is of the highest quality. It's approved and tested by DuPont, using DuPont's "whitest" Ti-Pure titanium dioxide for great "hide" and brilliant color. This system changes the traditional way of making and shipping paint, reducing the carbon footprint. For the traditional manufacturer, it costs more to ship the paint than to make it. Take out the shipping costs and guess what? You can score really awesome paint starting at only $17 a gallon for the economy grade and $28 a gallon for the premier grade. Whether you DIY or have their pros do the dirty work, this is a happy day for paint people everywhere.
Available at A.Allbright Painting 294-1159
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