The Green Scene
November, 2008 - Issue #49
Going green is no longer a philosophy reserved just for Saint Patrick's Day, and despite Kermit the Frog's claims, it is easy to be green.

Cleaner Air, with a Side of Style
Little known fact: Plastic is made, in part, from petroleum. Add a dash of hard-to-pronounce chemicals and you have a scientific cocktail that has many scientists and health advocates raising red flags of concern (like the recent dust up over BPA usage in items like baby bottles, can linings, dental sealants, etc.). Sure, we know that these are risks we incur when, say, we take a swig of water from a plastic bottle. But these kinds of chemicals can also end up in not-super-top-of-mind locations - like window coverings.
Every material, whether it be natural or synthetic, breaks down over time - sending microscopic particles into the air, and thus into your lungs. Window coverings, because of their extensive exposure to heat, light and wear and tear, can break down even faster. It makes sense, then, to choose a base material that won't potentially help lodge unnatural nastiness into your body.

Shades made of sustainable, raw materials like reeds, grasses and bamboo, which have not been chemically treated, are the stylish option for greenies and the allergy-sensitive alike. Plus, they are hyper durable and can even look better with age (no Botox required). Available through Tami Smight Interiors 430-0127.

Where's the Beef?
It might not be plentifully found between two spongy sandwich buns, but it's probably in your grocery-store-brand fabric softener. If you, strangely enough, are bothered by the inclusion of cow fat (tallow) in your laundry products, there is a solution. The Laundress brand is made with organic materials, renewable resources, and plant-based (versus petroleum-based) ingredients. What may be more important to you, though, is what it doesn't contain: dyes, sulfates, phosphates, chlorine and artificial fragrances. (Want to get really crazy? Google "fragrance" and read about all the goodies - that's sarcasm, by the way - that can legally fall under that category. You'll be buying "fragrance-free" from here on out, my friend.) Available at Simplese 260-3377.
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