The Heat is On
Cool Down with White Hot Home Accessories
July, 2006 - Issue #21
Air-conditioned homes and shopping centers combined with irrigated green landscaping sometimes make it difficult to remember that Santa Clarita is a desert, but step outside during the summer and the blast of oven-hot air will quickly bring you up to speed.

What does this obvious reminder mean? Besides the mantra to stay well-hydrated and practice common-sense safety measures, it also means embracing the brightest color of the visible spectrum: white.

Take a mental vacation for a moment and let the following images coast gently through your mind: a white dove in flight; a pristine white-sand beach; a collection of white roses. There. Feel better?

Purity, comfort and peace are traditional associations made with white, making it the perfect contrast to the unyieldingly hot, sticky summer temperatures. White is also linked to royalty and truth, never bad qualities to internalize. Whether you gain white-inspired relief through a simple floral arrangement or a redecorated abode, a partial or total whiteout will bring you much-needed escape from overbearing heat and the troubles that come with it. After all, increased temperatures are connected to increased tension, frustration, headaches and more. Many sociologists even believe that hot weather and violent crimes can go hand in hand - all the more reason to find the calm in the heat storm any way possible.

For a quick way to incorporate summer's favorite color, expand your collection of home decor. Increase the comfort-factor at home by choosing to accent or entirely redecorate your living areas with the purest of colors. After all, a simple connotation between white, snow and ice means that for most people, even viewing the shade implies lower temperatures.

White can be easily incorporated into the home by selecting furniture or accessories that reflect incoming rays. A simple white window covering will soften glowing beams of sunshine while keeping the room cooler without a loss of natural light. By selecting a high-quality lounger set covered in white cotton, you'll be able to relax without sticking to your furniture. If a complete replacement is out of the question, consider investing in a white slipcover for selective utilization in the summer months.

A bouquet of white daisies is a simplistic addition to desks or coffee tables, and a collection of white melons (for display and consumption) are a nice touch to any kitchen.

In the end, waving the white flag in the war against summer heat could mean surrendering to a classic home fashion statement.
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