Warm Woods for Cool Windows
May, 2009 - Issue #55
photography by Ted Dayton

Sometimes, turning a stucco-covered SCV house into a warm, ambience-filled home is easier said than done. Designers agree, though, that one of the most important components in your pursuit to beautify your space are window coverings.

Trends for windows have run wild over the years, but one constant has remained true: woods and windows make a timeless, beautiful pair.

In Santa Clarita, few home improvements are as coveted as plantation shutters. They boast real long-term value and are even included in appraisals of your home's value. More important than dollars and cents, though, is the investment in beauty. "Shutters tend to go with everything," says Marna White of CountryView Shutters (254-2908).

And "go with everything" is an important quality to have when you consider how long these home fixtures last. "Shutters easily last 25 or 30 years, on average," says White; they contribute to real savings.

Besides aesthetic value, shutters can also provide real savings. Quality shutters tightly fit together when closed, providing superior insulation. You should see a marked improvement of your heating and cooling bills after shutters are installed.

Wood Blinds
Anita Buhtz of Shutterworld (775-7700) has noticed that many local homeowners are seeking a "shutter look" without the "shutter price." "Wood blinds are an excellent, cost-effective option for homeowners," she informs. "They keep a lot of light out, provide some insulation, and probably most importantly, come in a variety of different colors." Anita regularly helps clients match their new wood blinds to existing cabinets or wood flooring. "There's an exceptional color selection of beautiful stains that look so good in SCV homes," she says.

You won't have to wait long to live in your color-coordinated paradise. Wood blinds can be custom made to your specifications in about half the time as shutters. You'll be enjoying yours in one to two weeks.

Natural Woven Shades
The newest - and most necessary - window-covering trend is also the "greenest." Natural woven shades emphasize the beauty of their origin in a way that adds dimension and interest to your home.

Bring unadulterated nature inside. Handwoven of sustainable natural fibers, natural woven shades are beautiful both in design and their salute to the Earth and Nature. Reeds, grasses and bamboos with fantastic color, texture and patina add earthy warmth to your windows while creating interesting patterns of light in the room that they grace.

Tami Smight, owner of Tami Smight Interiors (430-0127), offers in-home consultations that will guide you in your efforts to protect Mother Earth - and your pocketbook.
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