A Season of Gratitude
January, 2020 - Issue #184
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

This month has brought the unthinkable to our town - and as we join a growing list of communities touched with such a sad and senseless tragedy, I would like to take a moment to recognize the beauty we've seen rise in Santa Clarita. It's this thought that inspired me to make a list of gratitudes - a reminder that the dark will not overtake the light in our community, while understanding that for many, there will always be something - and someone - missing.

I am grateful for the first responders.
From fires to heartbreaking car accidents to Saugus, our local first responders have not had an opportunity to stand down in months - yet they continue to do their jobs with open hearts and a level of dedication few others can match. I am grateful for the first responders, and their families, who make so many sacrifices so that we can be safer.

I am grateful for my neighbors.
I long ago lost count of the moms groups, local printers and creative community members who rushed to make #SaugusStrong ribbons, tees, hats, stickers, signs and more so that wherever a Saugus student, staff or parent goes - support is all around them. When things feel too hard, it is always good to remember that the number of wonderful people in the world dramatically outnumbers those who choose to hurt.

I am grateful for the donors.
Santa Clarita is well known as a community with a committed number of small businesses who keep our local nonprofits thriving - but this last stretch has seen so many more step up and out for victims of fires and the recent tragedy. It lifted spirits to see retail stores, eateries, gyms and more give and continue to give - not because it was best for business, but because it was best for Santa Clarita.

I am grateful for our youth.
Saugus parents - you raised some amazing young people. They showed incredible poise when under international scrutiny; embraced each other without prejudice; comforted their peers with unconditional love; and now they are joining a nation-wide discussion on gun violence. They have taken a proactive, community-minded response that inspires me to do more, be more, love more. And - for the rest of our high schools: The way you have dedicated athletic wins, reconfigured logos, helped plan events and have reached across town rivalries to be a real friend - thank you.

I am grateful for you.
I've bumped into so many of you over the last month and as we commiserated over Tick Fire losses and displacements, the Saugus tragedy and more, it was a real blessing to connect with you and share a hug. When the worst happens, it's so easy to feel isolated and fearful. Having this community, filled to the brim with genuinely-good people, has been vital for so many of us.
Kathy Watterson of RE/MAX Santa Clarita has over 30 years experience as a Realtor in our community. 510-0321
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