RE/MAX is Ready to Grow
November, 2018 - Issue #170

"We are continuing to grow in the RIGHT DIRECTION with the right people. We have the momentum and the know how - and we're excited to share our distinct collection of services with each of the communities our satellite office serves,
keeping our headquarters proudly centered in Santa Clarita."
Dave Rendall, owner of RE/MAX of Santa Clarita, Valencia, Gateway and Elite West of Malibu
It's been a busy year for RE/MAX owner Dave Rendall, who now counts four RE/MAX offices as his homes away from home. RE/MAX of Santa Clarita, Valencia, Gateway and Elite West of Malibu each serve their immediate communities, an expansion that reflects a brand that's in high demand.

"Our marketshare is growing because of the high value we offer our clients," explains Rendall, "but we knew we'd only grow if we could ensure that there'd be no dilution of quality of services. A lot of preparation and planning has gone into this so we could ultimately make a guarantee not only to our community, but ourselves, that with growth will come an even deeper investment into our neighbors and neighborhoods."

The Old Town Newhall Gateway satellite office, expected to open next month, captures the charm and personality of Main Street. "We partner with the City of Santa Clarita to support SENSES on Main, a monthly block party that draws families from all over the SCV. We can't wait to have a front-row seat to the fun," shares the Santa Clarita resident. "And our Malibu satellite office is equally part of the community in which it was built. With an ocean view and modern architectural lines, our beach community neighbors will feel instantly at home."

It's said that home is where the heart is - and that will be true in each of the four RE/MAX offices. "Our satellite offices will provide our clients with intimate access to the best RE/MAX has to offer, but with a localized focus. It allows our Realtors, partners and support team to truly embed themselves in the micro-community they serve," shares Rendall. "The best Realtor is one who knows not just your town, but your neighborhood in and out - and that's always our goal. We want our clients to benefit from a boutique-office feel while still being able to draw all the resources a brand like RE/MAX has at its disposal. This is the best of both worlds and we couldn't be more excited," says Rendall, who says that another additional satellite office is in the works for 2019.

But RE/MAX has never been about buildings or office addresses; the focus of this company has always been about the people who make it special. "We wouldn't be able to expand if we didn't have such incredible Realtors and real-estate professionals to serve these communities," explains Rendall. "I can't say it enough: RE/MAX Realtors aren't just the best at what they do, they're the best at being good people, too. It's impossible to keep track of all the non-profit board of director members we have; of the soccer coaches and youth-group leaders; classroom parents; dedicated volunteers. When they aren't selling houses, they're cleaning up our river or breaking fundraising records. It's inspiring and amazing - until it's Girl Scout cookie season, when we all gain about five pounds!" jokes Rendall.
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