What Kind of Seller are You?
July, 2019 - Issue #178
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

1. You are considering selling your home. Do you...
A. Sleep on it, then start asking friends for referrals to ttrusted agents.

B. Post, "Who wants my house??? LOL" on social media.

2. You've decided that it's time to sell. You...
A. Consult resources on staging. After all, you want it to sell fast and high!

B. Host a neighborhood garage sale to clear your clutter and end up buying more than you sold.

3. It's between two buyers. You choose:
A. The one that pre-qualified early, has everything in place and is ready with a higher counter offer if necessary.

B. The one you met, because you really, really liked their dog. That doggo is going to love your backyard! Who's a good boy!?!?

4. You see your realtor's number on caller ID. You answer:
A. "Is it good or bad news? Did it go through? How much was it for? What are we waiting on?"

B. "Hello!"

5. You think you might really be cut out for this selling and buying thing and wonder if you'd be good at flipping houses. You...
A. Do a little research on the profit margins, talk to a friend who does it, check in with a favorite contractor to see if they'd be interested in working with you.

B. Laugh because that's a terrible idea.

6. You're so sad about one thing: The moulding in the kitchen where you marked your children's growth can't be removed without making a real mess. You'll have to...
A. Take a picture, cherish the memory and paint over it.That kind of sentimental stuff isn't going to do any favors at this high asking price.

B. Rip the moulding out and take it with you, obviously.

7. Your house has been on the market for three weeks and it still hasn't had a bite. You...
A. Host a realtor intervention. Surely they have made some grave marketing error. This place is what home-buying dreams are made of! Plus: Drink more wine than normal or advised by a doctor.

B. Remember that your realtor told you that this was probable; you take a little vacation to get your mind off it and tell your team to host an open house in your absence.

8. It's time for final inspection. You:
A. Wake up in the middle of the night in a panic. With a sweaty lip, you scour your garage concrete pad for cracks on your hands and knees. Your BFF wakes to pictures of said cracks in your text stream, complete with a quarter in each pic "for scale."

B. Schedule the final inspection.

Your Results:
Mostly As:
You're an organized whirlwind of energy who's prepared to eek out every dime from their property - and you will, because selling at top dollar is your brand, Baby. You need a realtor who is open to your feedback and who can thoughtfully rein in over-expectations.

Mostly Bs:
You're a relaxed, one-day-at-a-time kind of seller who understands that much of the process is out of your control. You need a realtor who can keep you focused, provide detailed steps for success and who's excited to work with a seller who trusts them and is ready to rely on their expertise.
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