Do You Know the Value of Water?
August, 2013 - Issue #106
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courtesy of Shutterstock
Water is essential for all life on earth - but we use it for a lot more than just basic survival. Bathing, cooking, landscaping, cleaning - even playing!

When you think about how many resources go into maintaining a good water supply, it's a wonder how tap water is still such a bargain.

On average, a gallon of tap water in California costs less than a cent. (A lot less, in fact. Try $0.002!).
Locally, the service that the Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) provides continues to be a great value. Still, like many basic services today, the costs to acquire, treat and deliver water, as well as maintain a water system, are increasing for a number of reasons.

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Here are four reasons why the cost of water can rise:
Aging infrastructure

Many local and regional water systems were built decades ago. Repairing and upgrading aging systems to ensure reliable water supplies can account for a significant portion of monthly water bills.

Rising Treatment Costs
Increasingly-stringent drinking water regulations make it necessary to invest in new treatment technologies. The ongoing expense of maintaining and operating new technologies add to the overall cost of providing highA]quality water.

Increasing Energy Costs
Rising costs for energy (the electricity to pump, treat and deliver water) directly affect the cost of delivering water to consumers.

Investing in Diversified Water Supplies
To reduce volatility and increase reliability, CLWA implements a diversified water portfolio which includes water recycling and water banking.

"On average, a GALLON of tap water in California costs less than a cent. (A lot less, in fact. Try $0.002!)."
The Good News:
CLWA is continually working hard to provide reliable, quality water at a reasonable cost to the SCV. Compared to other utilities and services, tap water is still the best deal around.
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