Killing COVID-19
How One Local Company is Taking on a Pandemic
May, 2020 - Issue #188
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courtesy of shutterstock

It's been another 16-hour workday for Joel Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita. His face seems permanently creased by the protective gear he wears on the jobsite; his voice is raspy from yelling directions over the sound of air scrubbers and taking call after call from local business owners and families who need his expertise. He's consulted for 13 just today. "Everyone wants to know the same thing: Is what I'm doing enough to protect my staff, clients, kids? Unfortunately, the answer is usually 'no.' This virus is virulent, persistent and it gets everywhere because of its extraordinarily small size," says Moss.

Never one to shy away from science - it's his job to understand just how COVID-19 operates in and on spaces - Moss breaks into a lengthy explanation on the hows and whys of disinfecting during a pandemic. The conclusion is clear: If you're in any way open, or going to be open, to the public, you need to disinfect from top to bottom at the close of business every day - and then use appropriate procedures and products during the day to stay safe. For homes, if a family member presents with symptoms, or is an essential worker and is exposed to the public, you need to do the same.

"The COVID molecule is so small - 1.5 microns. In comparison, a mold spore is 4 or 5 microns. Because of its minuscule size, it can stay in the air longer. Adding to the problem is how long it can stay viable on surfaces -
up to 19 days, when the average virus is dead in 12 to 16 hours. This data indicates just how vital it is to have regular, PROFESSIONAL DISINFECTING performed on spaces open to the public or in residences where COVID exposure could have occurred."
Joel Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita
Right now, the Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita team spends long days disinfecting essential businesses, as well as businesses that have closed. "The owners want to know that, when they reopen, they are not exposing themselves or their clients to any virus that has been laying in wait," says Moss. From legal offices to surgical centers, labs, dental offices, essential manufacturing and shipping companies and more, businesses that are open right now are scrambling to get on the schedule. "Some try to do it themselves and quickly become overwhelmed. You never notice how many surfaces you actually have in your space until you try to disinfect them all - every day," explains Moss.

What's the Difference Between DIY & Professional Disinfecting?
SCV residents have become intimately familiar with Lysol sprays, Clorox wipes and diluted-bleach solutions they're using to clean surfaces. "Products available to the general public, when used appropriately, can be effective against COVID," says Moss. The problem is the word, "appropriately," explains the OSHA-trained restoration professional. "The average user does not understand that many of these solutions need to remain on the surface, wet, for up to 10 minutes for maximum effectiveness," explains Moss. "And not all products are appropriate for all surfaces." When you think about how many surfaces there actually are in your business or home, the likelihood of you even having enough wipes - or time - dwindles.
That's where professional disinfecting services from Paul Davis Restoration Santa Clarita come in. "We utilize protective equipment to prevent re-contamination of the space - hazmat suits, masks... every protection is taken. Then, using powerful EPA-approved professional-grade chemicals, we spray down every appropriate surface and let the solution dwell long enough to kill COVID and other bacteria and viruses, then wipe down. Some finishes require us to arisolize the solution. Some spaces require the use of an air-scrubber. We use every tool available to ensure that, once we leave the space, every trace of this virus leaves with us,"
says Moss.

Why Call Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita for Disinfecting?
Locally owned by SCV residents Joel and Susan Moss, Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita's professional disinfecting team has years of experience making businesses and homes safe again. "Our disinfecting professionals are certified in elevated-risk disinfecting practices," says Moss. Using state-of-the-art safety equipment and the newest technology in disinfecting, the Paul Davis Restoration team has certifications for blood-borne pathogens, microbial removal and more - and is also OSHA certified.
"We take the safety of our community very, very seriously," says Moss.
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