Right At Home
February, 2020 - Issue #185
Pretty is as Pretty Does
Make a plan for "pretty" in 2020 - and fall in love with your home.

SCV Water's February Gardening Classes Offer Up Different Landscape Types to Suit your Taste
A useful landscape is one that meets your needs. Whether you're looking for something sustainable or edible, SCV Water has free February gardening classes to suit your taste.
Whether you have a blank slate or a landscape in need of a makeover, you can "Design a Sustainable Landscape." Join them Thursday, February 6 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm to learn how to incorporate sustainable gardening concepts in your project. You can preserve natural resources, be water-wise and still have a landscape that meets your needs.

Have your beauty and eat it, too! Join them Saturday, February 8 from 9am to 12pm to learn about "Waterwise Vegetable Gardening." They'll show you how to integrate edible plants, fruits and vegetables into a water-wise landscape that doesn't sacrifice curb appeal. All classes are held at SCV Water, located at 27234 Bouquet Canyon Road in Santa Clarita.
To register, and to see a complete list of classes for 2020, log on.

New Year, New Kitchen
How's this for the start of 2020? Dark and light provides a playful contrast and warm ambience, thanks to wood tones in the beams and shelving, as well as the rich leather bar stools. The gleaming marble backsplash balances the dark cabinets and countertops while open shelving elminiates a long back wall of boring cabinets, bringing depth and interest to the space.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

Meet MIX
Mix offers Santa Clarita locals an opportunity to shop eclectic goods that are otherwise not found in stores. These items can be the conversation piece your home or office is missing. Curated based on quality and the overall design, there is something for every aesthetic. Visit MIX on Main Street in Old Town Newhall.
MIX by RJI 678-0034

Outdoor Smarts for a Wonderful Winter
It's Raining, it's Storming, are your Gutters & Drains Performing?
We're officially in the "wet" season - which means that debris-clogged gutters and exterior drains aren't just an eyesore - they're a hazard.

"Every winter, we see clients whose exterior drains have clogged, causing water to back up and into the house, soaking carpets, warping wood floors and damaging furniture," says Joel Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita.
Prevention is key. Many losses that occur from gutters blackflowing, debris accumulating on roof materials that cause leaks or other types of property neglect are usually not covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. "We're often called out before there's a problem - we're able to provide exterior drain and gutter cleaning, as well as an assessment of potential problem areas. It's a tiny price to pay for peace of mind," explains Moss.

Even with prevention, it's good to have a plan in place should the worst still happen. "Expediency is vital when it comes to water damage," says Moss. "The faster the response, the less damage." When it comes to water, minutes matter. "The difference in time between being able to dry a wood floor with professional-grade tools and having to rip it out and replace it because water sat too long is quite narrow. The same goes for drywall, upholstery and more. The moment a homeowner recognizes that damage has been done, they need to call a 24/7 restoration company who can get on site in minutes, put a stop to ongoing damage and make a plan for mitigation and repair. If it's determined that the client will be filing a claim with their insurance, we'll work directly with the homeowner's insurance company on behalf of the client to reduce their stress," explains the IICRC-certified water restoration specialist.
"The goal is always to return the home and its contents to their original condition - or better," shares Moss. "We do it fast, because we know what it's like to be displaced or inconvenienced by emergencies," says the SCV resident. "We want our neighbors to feel confident that we'll do everything we can to put their lives back together."
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

Premium Concrete Coating in "Pebble Beach" Revitalizes Local Porch
Here's another stunning front porch and walkway the ALLBRiGHT premium concrete coating team completed in just one day using the chip color Pebble Beach.

Using an innovative polyurea coating that's 100 percent UV stable, four times stronger than epoxy and easy to keep clean, this application looks as good as it performs. Choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes to exactly match the look and ambience of your home for a professional-design feel that will get the neighbors talking!

In just one day, highly-trained technicians can apply this durable coating to your patio, garage floor, walkway, pool deck or another area of your home.
To learn more, give ALLBRiGHT a call. 846-2928

Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
January is Bare-root Rose Planting Month

Over 100 rose varieties are locally in stock now, ready for bare-root planting this winter - so get planting! Love roses - but not sure how to get started growing them? Reach out to a garden pro with expertise in Santa Clarita soils, weather conditions and more.
Green Thumb Garden Center 259-1071
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