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March, 2020 - Issue #186
courtesy of shutterstock (left)
courtesy of shutterstock (left)

Spring Forward this March
Clocks move forward this month - and so should your yard!

Spring Forward with New Patio Furniture
High-quality patio furniture is practically a necessity in Santa Clarita - you'll enjoy it nearly year round. And - convenient timing - all in-stock patio sets at Oasis Garden & Patio are on sale now.
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

Spring Forward with SCV Water's March Gardening Classes
March is all about spring! We "spring" forward with daylight savings time March 8, and the first day of spring is March 19. March is also a great month to start thinking about preparing your landscape so it will blossom. Let SCV Water help you get started with their free March class offerings.

Not sure what plants to use in your landscape? They've taken out the guess work by identifying the top-30 plants that look beautiful and grow well in the SCV. Join them Thursday, March 19 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm to learn about the "Top 30 Plants for the SCV." They'll make a great addition to your landscape! Participants will leave with a full-color plant guide and - hopefully - a few new favorite plants.

Ready to reimagine your landscape? Start with a plan! Join them Saturday, March 21 from 9am to 12pm for "Planning Your Landscape Project: Design to Construction."

Participants will learn the components needed to develop a project scope and create their own landscape design and budget.

All classes are held at SCV Water in Santa Clarita. To register, and to see a complete list of classes, log on.

What your 2020 Home Needs
What to add for that almost-new-decade pop - and what to phase out.

What to Add: A Great Feature Piece
Whether the star of your show is an accent wall that provides texture, style and color; a fabulous chandelier; or greenery for some added color and pop - keep it simple. Find a great primary piece and build around it, keeping the general feel bright and airy.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

What to Add: Rustic Refinement
Infuse your space with well-worn character, functionality and comfort. Right now, visit A Royal Suite to take advantage of their huge Presidents' Day Sale with 50 percent off storewide and up to 80 percent off tent-sale items; the tent sale runs through February 18.
A Royal Suite 259-7000

What to Add: Drink Tables
As opposed to typical end tables, drink tables are really small - perfect for tucking between a couple of chairs and shuffling around while hosting. With so many shapes and colors to chose from, drinks tables inject personality into your space. Interiors in 2020 are all about getting comfortable with family and friends - so you gotta have a spot to set your drink!
MIX by RJI 678-0034

And... What to get Rid Of
There are five things it's high time we "get over" - because these trends are on their way out, out, out! The all-white kitchen and the all-white bathroom are out. Stainless-steel appliances? Out! Spaces devoid of color are o-u-t. Spaces devoid of beautiful details - done and out! Grey - out.
What's in? Color is back in style for 2020 and 2021! Colored appliances give the kitchen a personality while bold tiles in different colors and patterns add character. You'll be seeing pretty paint colors in unlimited options with custom cabinets, because accents are back, as are reclaimed and handmade special details.
Woodward Kitchen & Bath 251-3865
courtesy of shutterstock (right)
courtesy of shutterstock (right)

Spring into Action
Get ready for warmer weather and your annual deep clean with these quick home improvements.

One-day Concrete Floor Coatings Make Cleanup a Breeze
Most floor coatings are water-based epoxy systems that harden with time and can become brittle in as little as two years, leading to cracks in your floor that collect dirt, oil and bacteria. ALLBRiGHT polyurea floor coatings are four times stronger than epoxy and will not chip or peel, providing decades of easy-to-clean value.
ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting 846-2928

Time to Prep your Pool for Spring Swimming
Is your pool looking shabby? It may be time for a pool restoration, pool resurfacing or pool remodeling. Now's the time to schedule necessary repairs, install solar heating, purchase a new pool vacuum or schedule regular service so you get the most out of your pool.
Thomas Pools 218-1269

Deep Clean your Hard Surfaces to get Rid of Winter Grunge
Have you noticed that your tile grout is grungy or the little textured divots in your laminate are collecting grime your mop just won't pick up? Using a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the dirt that's ingrained into the floor, Surface Busters gets your hard surfaces gleaming, making that "light and bright" spring trend as simple as a phone call.
Surface Busters 312-2369
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