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December, 2020 - Issue #195
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"Don't let DAMAGE like water, fire, smoke or mold ruin your holidays - we're available 24/7 to put your life, and your celebrations, back together fast."
Joel Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884
Happy Holidays are Safe Holidays
With a little preparation, you can reduce the chance of experiencing a less-than-happy holiday season.
First, lower your chances of crime by keeping your home and vehicles safe from burglary. Don't leave items or packages visible in your car - and definitely don't leave packages sitting on your front porch. Ask trusted neighbors to grab your goodies if you aren't home when your delivery arrives. Heading out of town - or even just for the night? Leave a few lights on.
And when it comes to your holiday displays, stay safe by keeping your decorations distanced from heat sources like your fireplace or candles. Give your Christmas tree a deep drink of water regularly to avoid drying out - and turn its lights off before you head to bed. Indoor and outdoor lights should always be checked for frays and cord integrity before the season begins, too.
Nick Rose Insurance 253-1131

Deep Hard Surface Cleaning Prevents Premature Replacements
Being clean saves money! When removing impacted oil, grime, grease and water deposits that are embedded in your hard surfaces and grout, you aren't just making your home healthier and more attractive - you're saving money, too.
Your hard surfaces are highly alkaline, normally having a PH of around 12. The oily soils, which collect on your hard surfaces and grout, break down and become acidic - they actually eat away at your floors, counters, backsplashes and more! It's important to remove these soils to protect the integrity of your home and avoid premature replacement.
Surface Busters 312-2369

SCV Water's Online WaterSMART Workshop
Helps Residential Customers Save Water and Money
How would you like to earn $20 from the comfort of your own home? SCV Water's WaterSMART Workshop will help you get the tips, tools and knowledge you need to use water more efficiently.
Their interactive workshop helps you get a better understanding of your current water use by teaching you the basics of how to read and understand your water bill. You will learn practical things like how to read your water meter and how to find and fix leaks - a huge water waster for both inside and outside your home.
Upon completing the workshop, you will receive a customized water report that shows your water use indoors and outdoors, as well as specific ways for you to save water and money.
To complete the online workshop, you will need your SCV Water account number and billing zip code to get started. After completing the program, you will have a better understanding of your overall water use and ways to conserve water indoors and outdoors.
Customers who complete the workshop will earn $20, with checks mailed within 90 days of completion. There is a limit of a one-time credit per household.
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