Right At Home
August, 2021 - Issue #202

Color's Hot in the Kitchen
A pop of color is totally hot right now - especially in a kitchen! Check out those green cabinets paired with the white cabinets - swoon! A mix of the two colors toned down the striking green while the whole look was accented with beautiful brass and black fixtures. A pop of tile behind the stove completed this ultimate fresh kitchen look!
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

Four Reasons Why Quartz is Better than Granite for Kitchen Counters
Quartz is harder than granite! Because of its composition, it is nearly indestructible and more durable than granite.
Quartz gives you more flexibility and options when it comes to style. With many new, sophisticated colors and patterns coming to the market, quartz countertops present style options for every type of kitchen design. You can find quartz options ranging from traditional to rustic, modern to farmhouse.
Quartz requires less maintenance - it's nearly impossible to scratch, it's rare to chip and resistant to stains and heat. Plus, because it is less porous than granite, it keeps your countertops relatively bacteria free.
Environmentally friendly, quartz is a common element easily mined throughout the United States. Quartz countertops are made using quartz that has already been mined. No quartz is mined just to make quartz countertops. And - countertops made of quartz have fewer carbon emissions during construction, making them a "greener" choice for you and your family.
Aquakor, INC. 904-1493

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

We Tried It!
How Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Saved my Sanity

by Tara Evans
When our rental home sustained water damage, our family of five was relocated. Before leaving, I had a chat with the project manager who'd be leading the restoration. During our talk, I explained that our youngest child had a serious disordered breathing condition. He assured me that they'd be sealing off the kitchen - the site of the damage - and performing much of the work off site so that we wouldn't return to a dusty, dangerous home.
When we got the call that the home was ready for us, my sister headed over first. "Can you extend your stay at your AirBB? There's no way you can come home." Sawdust filled bathroom drawers. Thick layers of masonry dust - a known cause of cancer - covered our beds upstairs. There was so much drywall dust that my husband's black jacket hanging in the garage looked white.
We called our insurance company - we have renter's insurance - and then we called Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita. The PDR SCV team was so warm and understanding. The first question they asked after I finished my rant was, "Is your baby ok?" I knew I was on the phone with people who were going to go the extra mile to protect my family.
And they did - fast. Within two hours, they had interfaced with our landlord and their insurance company to come up with a plan to clean all our contents as well as the home. They were onsite the next day with a professional team, ready to go.
By the end of that day, our home was sparkling clean - not a hint of dust that could trigger our baby's serious breathing condition to be found. And they also put back all the personal belongings from our kitchen that the other restoration company had removed... and left all over our living room, covered in drywall dust.
I only spoke to my insurance provider once - Paul Davis Restoration took it from there. What started out as a situation so stressful my hands shook, ended with a gorgeously-cleaned home and lots of smiles. Adriana and the entire Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita team are our heroes!
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

Learn About the Top 30 Plants that Work Well with SCV Landscapes with SCV Water's August Virtual Gardening Class
Not sure what plants to use in your landscape? SCV Water has taken the guesswork out by identifying the top 30 plants that look beautiful and grow well in the SCV. They will make a terrific addition to your landscape!
Join SCV Water for their free virtual gardening class - "Top 30 Plants for SCV" - on Saturday, August 7, from 9am to 11am from the comfort of your own home.
SCV Water hosts one virtual class per month on a Saturday starting at 9am. Classes focus on the topic for about an hour, followed by a question-and-answer session.
All presentations are recorded and available for viewing on their website one week after the live class. Participants will also be able to download the presentation.
To view the 2021 class schedule, a previous class recording or to register for a class, log on.
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