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September, 2021 - Issue #203

High Tech Down Low - A Look at the Science Underfoot
At first glance, flooring seems pretty low on the high-tech scale. It doesn't beep or tell you to change a filter. But that doesn't mean that today's technology hasn't informed the development of high-tech materials that are softer, more durable and stronger than their predecessors.
What Water?
From luxury vinyl tile that looks just like hardwood to carpets that resist liquids of all form and fashion, today's waterproof surfaces are pet friendly and kid approved. You no longer need to swap style for function - they're comfortable underfoot and look gorgeous, too.
Lasts & Lasts
Want a "wow" warranty? It's not hard to find flooring that is so durable, it comes with warranties of 10, 15, even 25 years. Today's materials are built to stand the test of time.
Cozy Up
With all that durability and waterproof talk, you may worry that high-tech carpets are less than cozy. Not true; today's carpets are actually softer, thanks to smoother, finer fibers.
Looking for high-tech flooring at a low cost? Right now, Brent's Carpet One is celebrating 42 years in Santa Clarita with a wall-to-wall Labor Day Sale through Sunday, September 5.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Can't Find a Home in this Market?
It may be Time for a Remodel

Why go to the trouble of moving when you can remodel your existing home to meet your needs? The general construction services provided by Magic Maintenance offer a one-stop-shop experience for homeowners who are ready to upgrade their spaces - and their life. From room additions to upgraded kitchens, baths and more, investing in the home you have might be the smartest move you can make.
Magic Maintenance Inc. 259-3373

The Family that Paints Together, Stays Together
Q&A with Josh Abramson of ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting
Q. What's the biggest benefit of working with your kids
to you... and to your clients?

It's so amazing to see your children grow up from these young little boys into hard-working professionals. One of the biggest benefits is I get to spend more time with them, pour into them more and watch them succeed. Plus, we truly enjoy each other's company, so that makes it even better. The clients get the benefit of working with someone who truly cares about their painting happiness experience because the boys have grown up around the company values.
Q. Do the "kids" have specialties?
They are both working as painting and concrete coating in-home estimating specialists. Jake does seem to be gravitating to working on improving our systems, including taking on revamping our estimating systems and field training systems to be more robust, efficient and online. Noah seems to be spending more time on his estimating skills and taking on larger projects. They're both attending coaching and business seminars with me and they both are reading leadership books to continually improve.
Q. As a parent, was this always the dream? How does it feel?
Yes, and no. Yes, for Noah. He had always said, even as a little boy, that he wanted to work for Daddy's company and carry on the company family name. After graduating college, that is exactly what Noah did and is doing. What's a bigger surprise is that Jake, who is a very talented musician, decided to come to work for the company as well and has really loved it. Jake's leadership qualities really compliments Noah. Together they're like rocket fuel. They both say they're a little surprised by that and love the fact that ALLBRiGHT has become the best place they have ever worked.
Q. What's the future hold for the family biz with the second generation?
The future is very bright. We are growing again this year and now looking at expanding into a larger warehouse for our growing concrete coating department, as well as our painting services. We are also looking into possibly adding more services to our ALLBRiGHT brand.

The Season of Change
The Fall 2021 Sid Dicken's Memory Blocks invite a changing of the seasons; a time of transformation where summer's excitement and liveliness is transformed into a peaceful calm. Fall is a season of change where nature's greenery turns to crimson, temperatures cool and people move inside to escape the incoming chill as the warm colours of fall erupt. Sid showcases his whimsical side with "When Pigs Fly," where anything is possible if we use our imaginations. The "Ceiling Rose" symbolizes the freedom to speak your truths without fear of judgment and "Nature's Glory" showcases all that life has to offer. The "Three Graces" remind us of all that is good in the world. Lastly, with the strength of a lion and the steady nature of the stag, the collection is complete with messages of peace and courage. Sid Dickens' Fall 2021 release features images of serenity with messages of resilience and strength. Through all the trials this past year has unveiled, hope and positivity has persevered. The Season of Change Collection invites us to unlock our imagination and rejoice in all that is good.
Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175

Show Room Show Off
From stone to sinks, fixtures to hardware, knobs, pulls and more - if it goes in a kitchen or bath, it goes in Dannick Design's premier showroom in Valencia. Stop in to experience the award-winning Brizo brand of designer faucets, shown here.
Dannick Design 775-7430
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