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October, 2021 - Issue #204
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Like an Expert
How to Clean a Painted Wall by the Pros at ALLBRIGHT 1-800-Painting

Before you dive right in, a note of caution: Always test your washing method in a hidden area first. At the start, it may look like you've done something to the paint - there may be a light or dark patch where you scrubbed, or some streaks. This is normal, but it typically goes away within a couple of hours. Wait until the scrubbed spot has had time to dry completely before you decide to go ahead with the full cleaning. Now, to the details.
Begin with the most gentle method and see if it works, then move to something stronger if it doesn't. A dishcloth or soft sponge can do nicely as long as it is not rough. If water paired with a gentle scrubbing does not remove the blemish, it's time to decide if you want to try a more aggressive method. If it is a small or subtle discoloration, it might not be worth the risk of damaging your paint to remove it. But if the dirty spot is serious enough that you'll need to repaint if it can't be cleaned, then there is nothing to lose by trying to scrub it off.
For cleaning a small spot, you could make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub gently. Alternatively, laundry detergent mixed with water often produces good results. You can also make your own cleaner by mixing vinegar or ammonia in water - 1 or 2 cups per gallon - with some baking soda. Remember: Never mix ammonia and bleach. If you use a cleaning solution rather than just water, make sure you wash it off with water before it dries.
ALLBRIGHT 1-800-Painting

Did You Know?
The National Average Customer Satisfaction Score for Restoration Companies is 42,
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita's is 95!

At Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita, customer satisfaction is just as important as putting lives back together - fast - with their "one call does it all" restoration and reconstruction services. "We have internal Paul Davis Restoration metrics and trainings that are all designed to ensure that our clients experience the very best service, from that first phone call to job completion," says Jessie Lamando, the company's business development manager. "Every Paul Davis team member is thoroughly committed to helping our friends, neighbors and new customers recover their property, homes, businesses - and quality of lives! - as fast and as free from stress as possible."
Besides having some of the highest customer satisfaction scores thus far in 2021, Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita has been honored with "Best Of" awards from readers of The Signal for the last five years in a row and numerous national industry awards for customer care. They've also earned accolades like: Best of the Best Project Manager, Estimator, and Supervisor - and the prestigious District Franchise of the Year 2020!
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

Here's our PSA for the month: we're just weeks away from The Holiday Season. If (Safe!) entertaining is on your list for this year, consider this your holiday heads up - and a warm reminder to cross any home improvements off your list before guests arrive.

☑Get floors and surfaces sparkling clean so they look like new.
Surface Busters 312-2369

☑Refresh the front door with new paint.
Magic Maintenance, Inc. 259-3373

☑Get guest bedroom coverlets, duvets, comforters and shams washed, fluffed and folded.
Newhall Coin Laundry 476-5966

☑Install privacy shades in the guest bedrooms.
Blinds & Shutters of All Kinds 298-1230

☑Update seasonal fall decor with unique new finds.
Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175

Now's the Time to Schedule New Flooring Installation
The weather's cooler, winter rains are still a month or so away and the price is more than right, thanks to Brent's Carpet One's massive anniversary sale going on now. If you want new flooring in time for the holidays - especially if you're considering a special order - don't delay.
Brent's Carpet One 255-3337

"The BIG NEWS is finally here! We are moving and expanding! Our little design office we have been in for the last four years that holds so many memories and RRI milestones is just that... too little! In our new space, we are going to be HOSTING WORKSHOPS! We will be teaching tricks of the trade for all of you DIYers.. and we will be sourcing and bringing in actual product you can buy right from our showroom! How cool - you can buy product hand picked and curated by the RRI designers! Events like sip and shops will be sprinkled in, along with so much more! I cannot wait to take you along with this big adventure! Now it's time to pick up our hammers and blow this bad boy up!"

Rebecca Rollins-Garcia of Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

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courtesy of Shutterstock (right)

Sad About the Stock Market?
Replacement Windows are a Better Investment

File this under, "We didn't see that coming." A national trades publication crunched the numbers and the data's in: Replacement windows consistently outperform the stock market for return on investment. The researchers looked at a variety of variables, like reduced energy costs. All in all, the Hanley Wood Cost Vs. Value study showed that replacement windows return over 65 percent of their initial cost in the increased value to the home. Now that's a smart investment!
Mike's Windows & Doors 296-9195

Be Drought Ready, SCV!
Earn $20 by Completing Online WaterSmart Workshop

As we face another exceptional drought, SCV Water is ready to help you take small water-wise actions that can add up to big savings. Complete their interactive WaterSMART Workshop to earn a $20 credit on your water bill and get the tips, tools and knowledge you need to use water more efficiently around your home.
From their workshop, you'll gain a better understanding of your current water use by learning how to read and understand your water bill. You'll also learn practical things, like how to read your water meter and how to find and fix leaks - a huge water waster for both inside and outside of your home.
Upon completion, you'll receive a customized water report showing your water use indoors and outdoors, as well as specific ways for you to save water and money. And by implementing the water-saving recommendations, you'll help our community work towards meeting our voluntary 15 percent water-savings target.
Log on for more details.
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