Right At Home
July, 2022 - Issue #212

Let's get Organized
With the change of season and schedule, clutter can quickly build up - with chaos not far behind. Here are a few tips to help keep you organized.
Freshen Up your Closet
Switch out dark colors and long sleeves for your favorite summer colors and outfits. Heavy winter jackets and sweaters should be put in a seasonal box and placed high to avoid wasted space. Sort hung clothing by sleeve length and/or color to create a cohesive, polished look in your closet.
Update Garage Items
Bring out the beach toys, pool supplies and summer gear and move them to easy-to-reach places. Use hooks for beach towels and goggles, labeling them with your kids' names to help them be responsible for their own things and keep the soggy items out of the house.
Have a Yard Sale

Take a trash bag into each room and fill it with items you and your family are no longer using or loving. Consider telling your kids that they can keep any profits from items they are willing to let go.
Simply Organized Co. 293-7611

This Never Happens!
Take 20 Percent Off All Annie Sloan Products &
Entire DIY Finish Collections
Buttery, beautiful finishes have made Annie Sloan's chalk and wall paint products the "must have" for DIY finishers for years - and for the first time in recent memory, all of Refined Vintage Boutique's expansive Annie Sloan collection is on sale for 20 percent off when you mention "Inside SCV."
So, what's a DIYer to do with all that affordable paint? We have our eyes on a few hand-me-down furniture pieces that have gorgeous bones - but need a pop of color and personality to better coordinate with our homes. And now that we think about it, our cabinets could use a fresh coat... and don't get us started on our walls! We've seen the rich, velvety Annie Sloan wall paint and know that the luxurious texture is only matched by its premium coverage and deliciously-pigmented variety of shades. We can't wait to get started!
Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175

What a Beauty
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and should be what you see when you glance around your home.
Here's how you can love where you live.

The RRI Curated Collection Brings Beauty Home
From kitchenware to stunning decor, the RRI Curated Collection has all the pieces you need to make your home just as gorgeous as the Rebecca Rollins Interiors finished design projects you can't get enough of. Your home deserves the best... elevate it today with the
RRI Curated Collection.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

Beauty from the Bottom Up
After Surface Busters restores your floors, counters and more to their gorgeous glory, they use a high-quality sealer to protect them - then educate you on how to maintain that like-new glow with their water-based stone cleaners and finishing-touch enhancers. By investing in your home, you're ensuring that the integrity and durability of your surfaces is maximized - all while keeping them looking new longer. Schedule a free demonstration to learn more.
Surface Busters 312-2369

Magical Transformations are Made Here
When you start and end each day in a bathroom suite that feels more like a luxurious five-star spa, life can't help but feel magical. In this space, marble, handcrafted wood details, imported tiles and other premium materials are transformed into the ultimate statement of refinement by Clear Images Home.
Clear Images Home 818-216-5040

Beautiful Support
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Helps You Navigate the Claims Process

When you sustain property damage, whether it's to your home or business, consider calling Paul Davis Restoration first. Their certified team can make a professional assessment prior to you engaging with your insurance company. If the issue is minor and easily rectified, you can avoid filing a claim and possibly raising your insurance rates. However, if the damage is substantial, your Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita pro can diagnose the damage and provide accurate information to your insurance carrier. This will prevent homeowners and property managers from dealing with stressful phone calls, paperwork and to-do's that pile up and can quickly overwhelm you during an already-stressful time. When you call Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita first, their professional team goes to work immediately to stop, then reverse, the damage. If deemed necessary, your PDR representative will advocate on your behalf to ensure that your property is returned to its previous condition - or even better. "There can be a lot of confusion when clients work directly with their claims adjuster. Most people aren't familiar with the insurance process, so they can miss opportunities to fully benefit from the coverage they've already paid for. We advocate for our clients directly with the insurance company to save our clients time and get them the coverage they deserve so that we can put their lives back together - fast," says Joel Moss, owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

Now You See Them, Now You Don't
We may not know how these feats of design and construction were pulled off, but if the trick is
making us fall in love with their aesthetic, these designers are quite the magicians.

Plumbing & A Traditional Vanity Vanish Like Magic
Floating shelves are elevated - literally - but the real showstoppers in this powder room designed by Ashley Hamersky of Woodward Kitchen & Bath are the wood-planked sink basin and seemingly-suspended-in-air storage space below. The Edison lights may be doing a gorgeous job illuminating the craftsmanship, but how this trick was pulled off? We're still in the dark.
Woodward Kitchen & Bath 251-3865

Old, Dated Shower Doors Disappear
Replacing your shower doors with frameless, easier-to-clean glass doors that "disappear" to show off your materials and design is a bathroom-magic must - and now you can make your space even more enchanting. New barn door shower enclosures bring an exciting, on-trend design element to your bath while adding additional comfort and accessibility to your shower.
Valencia Custom Shower Doors 298-0261

Now that's Craftsmanship
Refined details. Premium materials. Flawless execution. When it comes to exquisite craftsmanship,
you know it when you see it - and you'll get an eyeful on this page.

86 Years Crafting Fine Furniture
For nearly a century, Hooker Furniture has captured refined personal style with quality craftsmanship and architectural interest. From traditional classics to modern styling, you'll find it all at A Royal Suite Home Furnishings. Visit their expansive showroom to see and feel Hooker Furniture's selection of living, dining, bedroom, office, accents, home entertainment furniture and more. While the finish is one of the last things the Hooker Furniture craftspeople do, it's the first thing you see - and their finishes "feel" as good as they look, each with a rich texture that is delightful to the touch.
A Royal Suite Home Furnishings

A Custom Craftsmanship Team
Dannick Design completes all remodeling projects with their own friendly team of talented craftspeople and designers - from start to finish. That means no subcontractors - and complete control over the quality of their work. The seamless - and flawless - work speaks for itself.
Dannick Design, Inc. 775-7430
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