Right At Home
October, 2022 - Issue #214

Fall Forward
Fall is our indicator that the year is coming to an end - but for us, it's an opportunity for new beginnings.

Be Water Wise with New Fall Watering Requirements
Water your landscape no more than three days per week -
and no watering on Saturdays.
Odd Addresses Water On...
Monday • Wednesday • Friday
Even Addresses Water On...
Tuesday • Thursday • Sunday

Soon, warm fall days will give way to cooler fall nights. Make sure you're watering your landscape at the right times. Together, we can voluntarily reduce our water use by 20 percent to meet SCV Water's current drought requirements.
Set watering run times to a maximum of two five-minute cycles per station, per watering day, for 10 minutes maximum.
Water only in the morning and evening.
• From May to October, water midnight to 9am and/or 8pm to midnight.
• From November to April, water midnight to 10am and/or 6pm. to midnight.
And in winter, summer, spring and fall, the following water-waste measures are prohibited in all.
• Allowing runoff onto non-irrigation areas when irrigating with potable drinking water.
• Using hoses without shutoff nozzles when washing cars.
• Using potable water to wash sidewalks, driveways and hardscapes.
• Irrigating outdoors during and within 48 hours following precipitation of a quarter inch or more.
• Using potable water to irrigate ornamental turf on public street medians.
Gear up for fall with watering tips, tools, rebates and more.

Do it Once, do it Right
The Value of Working with an Interior Designer

Remodeling or refreshing your home is a big investment - and working with a designer saves you money, time and frustration. Here are four reasons why we love working with our interior designers.
Proper space planning.
Ever bought a sofa, table or artwork that ended up too big or small for your space? A designer will space plan prior to purchase to make sure everything is sized appropriately.
Sticking to a budget.
Designers know how to create solutions for every price point, carefully planning for unexpected costs while keeping to your desired aesthetic.
Making dreams a reality.
Your designer has access to materials and furniture that aren't available to the general public. They can bring your vision to life while saving you endless hours of web surfing and resourcing.
You'll never pay retail price again.
Designers work with companies all over the country for the best quality and pricing - and they extend those discounts to their clients.
Stunningly Staged Homes 383-6283

A Step Up
There's interior home decor - and then... there's something better.

Step Up with Handcrafted Furniture Made to Last a Lifetime
Hooker Furniture captures your personal style with quality craftsmanship and architectural interest. From traditional classics to modern styling, you'll find it all, available locally at A Royal Suite Home Furnishings. Visit their expansive showroom to see and feel Hooker Furniture's selection of living, dining, bedroom, office, accents, home entertainment furniture and more. While the finish is one of the last things the Hooker Furniture craftspeople do, it's the first thing you see - and their finishes "feel" as good as they look, each with a rich texture that is delightful to the touch.
A Royal Suite Home Furnishings 259-7000

Step Up with a Tailored "California Casual" Space
Rebecca Rollins Interiors is known for creating tailored custom spaces that are relaxed and livable - but also refined and tailored. Rollins loves a clean, neutral color palette with layers of textures, materials and woods - and ensures that every space has something unique that sets it apart while still being cohesive with the rest of the house. The style is called Refined California Casual and the use of natural materials is one of its very distinct looks. With Refined California Casual, you'll see natural linen fabrics, natural stone materials and the layers of wood that strikes a perfect balance of cozy, welcoming and inviting.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

Our Fall Transition Tradition
Transitioning your home to fall doesn't require a floor-to-ceiling makeover. Instead, lean into warm earth tones, vintage-inspired designs, plenty of soft layered textures and accents that remind you to settle down - and settle in. At the shift of every season, we visit local shop Refined Vintage Boutique for an elevated take on home decor - and this fall's selections are simply perfect. Use the promotion on page 41 for 20 percent off your favorite item.
Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175

What's Cooking in the Kitchen
New color palettes and a fresh take on kitchen organizing.

An Inside Look at a Simply Organized Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of your home - make yours free of clutter with plenty of room for everything you need to craft tasty meals and delicious memories. Here's how to improve yours.
Start by taking everything out.
Starting with a blank slate can help you think outside the box - or drawer - and reconsider the layout and flow of your kitchen. Where do you get your water? Put your drinking glasses near there. Where do you cook and bake? Place your utensils next to that area. Where do you enter your home and put all your "stuff?" Place your "essentials" drawer there.
Make intentional stations.
Are you a coffee or smoothie drinker? Do you enjoy cereal? Place a coffee drawer directly underneath the coffee machine or create a smoothie station right next to where you store your blender. Sometimes having a cereal station can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids! Having everything in one area eliminates additional traffic in the kitchen and makes mornings flow smoother.
Edit your items.
Do you really need five spatulas and three can openers? Donate them to someone who could use them! Eliminating clutter like this will not only help you clear out your drawers, but your mind as well.
You can decant.
To decant means to pour one thing into another. For example, decant cereal by taking it from the bulky cardboard box to a more narrow, air tight, clear container. Investing in containers for decanting can help you save space in your pantry and allow your food to stay fresher longer. It also helps you see what you have so you reach for those items first!
Simply Organized Co 293-7611

2022 Kitchen Trends
Warm, rich tones - think aged brick, antique roses and lavender lattes - are this year's accent colors, replacing traditional farmhouse shades like whites and blues. These more-pigmented shades will pair with finished hardware in brushed bronze and fabrics in fall-friendly colors. Wood will be welcomed, with natural grains glowing through stains.
Woodward Kitchen & Bath 251-3865
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