Right at Home
May, 2012 - Issue #91
Douglas Furniture 255-8366
Douglas Furniture 255-8366
Douglas Furniture Celebrates Big Birthday with Bigger Sale
Family owned and operated since 1975, Douglas Furniture is celebrating their 37th anniversary with a store-wide sale. The company offers exclusive lines of heirloom-quality furniture and accessories, as well as a reputable in-house design service. 255-8366

New Short Sale Tool Available Online
Joshua Suess, CEO of Suess Real Estate Experts, has announced an innovative new online tool to help homeowners with difficult decisions regarding selling their home in the current housing market. For many people, buying or selling a home is the most burdening financial decision they will make in their lifetime. "Millions of American's hold a firm belief that their home is an investment," said Joshua Suess, "but those investments haven't had positive returns in the past few years."

With the perspective that your home is an investment, the "short sale or stay" calculator provides homeowners with clear statistics on when their home might become an investment again based on three different market scenarios. It is tailored to each person's unique situation and easy to use. "We've simplified this decision calculator to show you the financial facts about your specific situation," notes Suess.

The short sale decision calculator gives valuable information regarding the current value of your home and when you can expect your home to be an asset again, given a variety of market scenarios. "We know short selling a home can be a difficult decision," continued Suess. "Hopefully, this short sale decision calculator can help families make the decision that is right for them." The short sale decision calculator is free to use and available to all homeowners in the California real estate market. Try it yourself at

Pool Tile Saver 510-5778
Pool Tile Saver 510-5778
May is the Month to Bring your Pool Back to Life
Get ready for Memorial Day parties and summer splashes! May is the perfect time to clean your pool tile, fix and clean bricks, remove calcium from tile, get rid of scale/mineral stains and salt marks and more. Pool Tile Saver is an expert in cleaning tile, stone, ceramic, brick and Pebble Tech. Only minimal pool-water drainage is required and there are no harsh chemicals or acids used. Pool Tile Saver is gentle on you, your pool and the environment. 510-5778

When Disaster Strikes
Let's face it; whether you're a long-time homeowner, just purchased your first home or own a business, the last thing you want is water damage. Not only is it frustrating, but it is also disruptive and stressful. Water damage can occur very slowly over a long period of time or it can happen quickly and without warning. However it occurs, water damage is a major contributor to property damage. Homeowner's insurance policies reserve the right to determine coverage associated with water damage and the process of restoring your home back to its original condition. This is why it is vital that immediate action is taken to prevent secondary damage to the property once water damage has occurred. Water migration, damage to personal belongings, and biological growth (which can appear within 72 hours) are all types of secondary damage. Professional water mitigation and rapid and effective dry-down procedures are your best bet for complying with your insurance policy and getting your life back in order. CBC Cleaning & Restoration offers 24-hour emergency response services to preserve, protect and secure your property with a promised arrival time of 60 minutes. 294-2221
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