Right at Home
June, 2012 - Issue #92
Carpet Revival is a Great Alternative to Buying New
Does your carpet have waves throughout; red or yellow spots; dog- or cat-torn areas or pet urine mistakes? Carpeting in this condition is an on-going reminder (not to mention eye sore) that it's time to take some "home-care" action. You undoubtedly have considered investing in new carpet as a solution to your problem, however, investing thousands of dollars isn't necessarily practical for the majority of homeowners. You may have already pronounced your carpet dead and lifeless but (depending upon the condition of your carpet) professional carpet cleaning, stain removal, deodorization, carpet re-stretching and re-seaming, bonded inserts and specialty spot dyeing are all potential answers to your carpet woes. The question is, "Can my carpets be saved?" The answer is best provided by an IICRC-certified professional. An in-home estimate provided at no charge can be arranged to determine what actions are best in order to improve the appearance of your carpet. More often than not, a carpet can be repaired and/or professionally cleaned to look fantastic at a fraction of the cost. CBC Cleaning & Restoration is an IICRC/Clean Trust Certified Firm with 35 years of experience in carpet restoration and repair with a two-year workmanship warranty. 294-2221

The Hancock & Moore collection is available at Douglas Furniture.
The Hancock & Moore collection is available at Douglas Furniture.
Craftsmanship makes All the Difference
Douglas Furniture is a purveyor of the Hancock & Moore collection. Here's a glimpse of just some of the "extra effort" that goes into making a Hancock & Moore piece: Careful pattern layout and skilled cutting are essential to ensuring that prints or stripes match and that a fabric's nap is orientated in the right direction. Hancock & Moore cushions are made from Qualux, a technologically-advanced material that springs back into shape quickly and is more stable than the polyurethane used by most manufacturers. The 21-step finishing process creates a finish with unparalleled character and luster - and can be uniquely customized, too. Douglas Furniture 255-8366

A. Allbright Painting's Annual Paint It Forward Giveaway Treats the SCV Food Pantry to a Makeover
"Arriving at the SCV Food Pantry on Saturday morning for this year's seventh-annual Paint It Forward event, I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride as I watched the team of A.Allbright employees begin this worthy project," says Joshua Abramson, president of A.Allbright Painting. "Over 18 employees showed up with smiles on their faces, ready to donate their time and talent to update the building at the SCV Food Pantry, an organization that is dedicated to making sure that no child in the SCV goes to bed hungry. Food Pantry volunteers were also on site to support our efforts. The day was spent prepping the exterior building, masking doors and windows, spraying the building, painting the trim and metal roll-up doors, cleaning up and enjoying each other's company. We even had Sherwin Williams' Paint Company supply their highest-quality paint (A-100 and Duration products). Lance, a manager from Sherwin Williams, brought a barbecue and cooked up hot dogs and hamburgers. Working with people with this kind of dedication makes a project like this so rewarding. Belinda Crawford, the organization's executive director, was so thrilled that they were finally getting their 50-year-old building painted that she gave each of us a Food Pantry Cookbook of volunteers' homemade recipes and a certificate of dedication to A.Allbright Painting. We're already looking forward to next year's event. I guess that is one reason why we call it 'Paint It Forward!'" A.Allbright Painting 294-1159
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