Right at Home
July, 2014 - Issue #117
Stay Cool this Season
without Raising your Energy Costs

Keeping your heating and cooling system maintained will lower energy usage and save on repair costs. Proper maintenance of your system by a licensed professional will help to prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your equipment. Performing necessary maintenance on your air conditioning system ensures that the unit is working at optimum performance, therefore reducing energy usage. Here are four more ways to lower your energy costs this summer.

1. Upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner,
which can cut utility bills by one-third.

2. Set the thermostat higher to save electricity.

3. Do not block the vents in well-used rooms.
Keep the supply- and return-air vents free
of objects like blinds or furniture for even
cool-air distribution.

4. Close vents in less-used rooms.

GW Richardson Heating & Air 295-0115

Lots to Love at Ma Maison
Ma Maison in Old Town Newhall has more than just a fantastic selection of gifts and decor; it also has a new owner! Owner Denise Myers has cultivated a sweet collection of home, baby, bridal and garden finds. There's always something new to discover! Drop in today and leave with a treasure.

Ma Maison 799-7983

A.Allbright Paints Happiness
The Espinoza family recently lost their mother, Alma, to cancer. Last month, the A.Allbright Painting team made one of her final wishes come true.

For years, Alma wanted to have her house painted. She even chose paint colors for the home she shared with her husband Manny and their four children, ranging in age from 7 to 18. Volunteer professionals from A.Allbright, along with Rebecca Rollins Interiors, which provided a consultation for the family, joined together to brighten the Espinozas' day.
A.Allbright's "Paint it Forward" charity donation is an annual event that, each year, asks the Santa Clarita community to nominate a family or nonprofit deserving of thousands of dollars in paint and service donations.

A. Allbright Painting, Inc. 846-2998
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