Right at Home
September, 2022 - Issue #213

Life, Upgraded
Since 2020, the average American has spent 62 percent of their waking hours at home, so it goes nearly without saying: Upgrade your house, level up your life.

Pool Envy Stops Now
If you think "doing the math" means you shouldn't invest in a pool, you've been crunching the wrong data. Take the number of times you uttered, "I wish we had a pool" this summer, multiply it by the next 20 years of saying the same thing 10 months a year and you have... one massively great reason to schedule a consultation today. And, here's one more: Finance options that make it a no-brainer.
Thomas Pools 218-1269

Truly Special Seasonal Decor
Don't get us wrong - we love Target, too. But if that's your peak definition of seasonal home decor, you haven't been to Refined Vintage Boutique - and your leveled-up lifestyle needs you to go... now. From luxe pumpkins that will last and last to fall stems and seasonal specialities, all the gorgeousness is already in stock - and moving fast.
Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175

The In-home Water Feature that Wows
Between washing your face, hands and dishes, you touch your sinks dozens of times a day. It's time to enjoy the experience with a gleaming faucet glow up. Pick your perfection at the Dannick Designs designer showroom in Valencia, where you'll get up close and personal with today's top trends.
Dannick Design 775-7430

Pretty is as Pretty Does
Spaces that are gorgeous - and functional? We're here for it.

Do It!
Style your Coffee Table like a Pro

Melissa Diaz, owner of Stunningly Staged Homes, is one of SoCal's most sought-after designers. Here, she shares her top tips for styling your coffee table. "Your coffee table is the center of the room and it should be beautiful yet functional for your family," explains Diaz. "Consider texture, colors, height and accessories that balance well with what you have in the rest of the room. Mixing up your accessories is key! A nice variety brings it all together."
You can definitely mix metals.
Diaz loves to mix brass with silver or black.
Create contrast.
If you have a dark coffee table, lighten it up with cream or white accessories. Greenery and florals are also a great way to bring in color and life to your design.
Play with heights.
A variation in height is key to a smooth design. Work from left to right with height variation and try to smoothly step down the heights, not leaving too big of a gap in sizes. Use decorative boxes or books to create height with smaller objects.
Add personalization.
Monogrammed coasters are a great way to add a touch of personality to your home - and don't hesitate to use favorite decorative books to add color and dimension.
Stunningly Staged Homes 383-6283

The Best Days Start & End Here
Settle into a bath made for royalty in a space made just for you. Woodward's designers can help you design a look that's all your own. With over 30 years of experience in the design industry, these local experts can help with everything from design to full general contracting services.
Woodward Kitchen & Bath 251-3865

Paint & Clean it Forward Today

Paint-It-Forward goes National in October
Each year, ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting asks the local community to nominate a family or organization that is in need of painting services but can't afford it. Once nominations are received, the whole "Painting Happiness" team - along with the local community - vote on the candidates. The recipient receives up to $10,000 worth of free painting services - including paint and supplies generously donated by Dunn Edwards Paint. Next, the employees volunteer their time to Paint-It-Forward. A freshly-painted home can really brighten a family's outlook and bring a little "Painting Happiness" into the lives of the recipients.
This year, along with ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting's national trade association, millions of dollars in free painting services will be donated this October - and it all started here in
Santa Clarita 16 years ago. "We couldn't be more proud of this grassroots movement of painting contractors across the country joining forces to help their local community," says owner
Josh Abramson.
Ready to make your nomination? Log on now.

Paint-It-Forward Inspires Clean-It-Forward
ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting's Paint-It-Forward was so inspirational, another local service provider wanted to join in on the generosity. Surface Busters' Clean-It-Forward provides up to $3,000 worth of complimentary hard-surface cleaning and restoration services to families, individuals, schools and nonprofit organizations that might be down on their luck. The deep cleaning services are gifted after the Surface Busters team and its customers vote on the top candidates. You can submit a nomination today - it's easy! - by logging on.
Surface Busters

Flow into Fall with Simple Water-saving Tips
Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your home routines to adopt an SCV-friendly, water-efficient lifestyle. Here are tips to help you voluntarily reduce your water use by 20 percent.
Take advantage of SCV Water rebates. Upgrade to more efficient irrigation, including smart controllers, drip irrigation, high-efficiency nozzles and more. You can also replace turf with water-wise landscaping.
Check out SCV Water's free resources like Water Efficiency site inspections for businesses and schools; irrigation surveys for large landscape/HOA customers; and drought-ready home checkups for residential customers.
Practice watering requirements by watering no more than three days a week. Odd addresses should water Monday, Wednesday and Friday while even addresses can on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. There is no watering on Saturdays. Set watering run times to a maximum of two five-minute cycles per station, per watering day, for 10 minutes maximum per station. Water only in the morning and evening. From May to October, that's midnight to 9am and/or 8pm to midnight. November to April, that's midnight to 10am and/or 6pm to midnight.
Ready to learn more? Log on.
SCV Water
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