Safer at Home
March, 2021 - Issue #197

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The Real Dirty on COVID-19 Cleaning
It's critical to clean and apply disinfectants to all hard surfaces, especially high-touch and common areas, when COVID-19 contamination conditions are unknown. Restoring a sense of safety and security to your household, employees, tenants and customers is crucial during this time.
Here's what you need to know.
There's no one-size-fits-all reoccupation strategy. Work with a licensed, experienced team to create a tailored COVID-19 cleaning solution best suited to your property. They'll perform a site inspection, then develop a COVID-19 cleaning plan utilizing EPA-approved chemicals.
COVID cleaning is more than spraying Lysol. Truly-professional COVID-19 cleaning uses technology like ULV fogging - a pre-emptive cleaning approach that provides coverage for walls, floors and other horizontal surfaces. Fogging with horizontal surface wiping gives you all the benefits of fogging with the additional coverage for high-touch areas like desks, computers, door handles and phones. Fogging with full wiping provides for industry-accepted steps when a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been found. It's a full cleaning and application of disinfectants to your home or facility.
At Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita, IICRC-certified biohazard techs will perform a cleaning plan that best meets your needs, whether it's once for reoccupation after an illness, monthly, weekly or daily.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

Don't just Restore your Surfaces It's Time to Deep Clean Them
Pretty is as pretty does, or so the saying goes - which means that if your floors and other hard surfaces look good but are still harboring viruses and bacteria, they aren't really pretty! Using a patented process, Surface Busters cleans and restores surfaces while killing and removing up to 99 percent of bacteria, along with viruses, grime, oil and dirt. Using a deep-cleaning EPA-approved solution, high-pressure water, heat and vacuum technology, you can be confident that your treated surfaces aren't just gorgeous - they're safer for you and yours.
Surface Busters 312-2369

Avoid Home Insurance Claims with These Spring Cleaning Tips
A safer home means it's less likely you'll have to file a home insurance claim. Here are some Spring Cleaning tips that make safety a priority.
Clean out the dryer lint hose. Lint can easily clog the hose on your dryer. Build up can make the dryer less effective and impose a risk of a fire.
Replace detector batteries to ensure safety of you, your family and guests year around. Batteries should be replaced about twice a year.
Remove drain build up. Prevent overflows from items like toothpaste, hair and debris in your bathrooms and clear out gutters and yard drains outside. Dispose of piled up leaves and gunk that may have collected over winter.
Nick Rose Insurance 253-1131
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