Summer Safety Upgrades
August, 2020 - Issue #191
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

Let this summer be full of tan lines, homemade popsicles and so many evenings spent poolside that you forget the day of the week. We all need more of that sunkissed and carefree lifestyle right now - so here are a few easy ways to cross stress off your list.

Do You Have a Pool? Proper Liability Protection is Vital
These days, what's better than trading vacations for staycations by soaking up every minute of sunshine on your favorite oversized floatie? It's what California living is all about. But if you're a homeowner with a pool, it's important to make sure you have proper liability coverage - if you want those lazy days to feel truly worry-free.
Entertaining guests by the pool increases your personal liability risk, so your policy really needs to cover pool-related accidents, including any medical expense or lawsuit because of a guest's pool-related injury or death. In some cases, it's a matter of your policy not having enough liability protection, which may cause you to lose your assets if the lawsuit exceeds coverage.
Reduce risk by installing a fence around the pool, performing regular pool maintenance and training household members in CPR and basic first aid. Pools may come with responsibility, but the right policy can make summer days at home feel even safer.
Nick Rose Insurance 253-1131

Manage your Landscape Irrigation Anytime & Anywhere
One of the joys of life in 2020 is having access to smart home technology that makes our lives easier, safer and admittedly more fun. But smart tech isn't just for indoor living. With a smartphone-compatible irrigation controller, you can manage your watering schedule right on your phone. Smart controllers adjust watering times based on your plants' needs, landscape conditions and real-time weather.
That means, at a moment's notice, you can turn off the sprinklers in the front lawn if you know Grandma is about to walk down the driveway. Or maybe you simply have better success with your home garden, so you can go to the grocery store less often. It's the little things that count as we spend more time at home and more focus on safety.
BONUS: Up to 70 percent of residential water is used outdoors - it's true! Not only does smart home tech make home safety easier, but it also saves water, time and money. Plus, SCV Water offers smart controller rebates up to $150. That kind of savings can really make a splash during an SCV heat wave.

Turn Down the Heat on Kitchen Fires
What's the most common location for a fire to start in the home? Your kitchen. Here's how to reduce the risk of a devastating house fire.
Stay alert and in the kitchen when you are cooking.
Turn off the burner if you have to leave - even if it's just for a second. A quick distraction is all it takes to forget you have something on the stove.
Store your kitchen fire extinguisher in the pantry or under the sink - whichever is further away from the stove - and make sure you check it every six months to ensure that they're still current and ready for use. Bonus: Check your smoke-detector batteries at the same time!
Deep fryers are big fire risks.
Keep an extinguisher handy, don't overcrowd the basket and keep kids far away - hot oil splashes easily.
Never toss water on an electrical or grease fire.
Instead, extinguish the flames with a heavy dusting of baking soda or place a large pan lid or cookie sheet on top of the flames to cut off the fire's access to oxygen.
Even small fires can require big repairs.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita can put your life - and your kitchen - back together fast.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884
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