The Fire Wire
July, 2020 - Issue #190

Five to Go
This month marked the first of Santa Clarita's brush fires. If history is any indicator, we're in for more. Replace "panic" with "preparation" and be ready to go if your neighborhood is evacuated. Here's our top-five to do's so you're good to go - literally.
Keep your important documents: birth certificates, insurance policies, pet records, etc. in an easily-accessed, portable, fire-proof filing container.
Stash a "go bag" for each family member that contains three days of clothes, some favorite shelf-stable snacks, bottles of water, cash in small bills, an extra cell-phone charger and copies of identification.
Pack an extra diaper bag with all of baby's essentials - shelf-stable bottles of formula or baby food, diapers, creams and wipes.
Update your first-aid kit to include recent prescriptions and replace any missing components.
Input important phone numbers into your cell now so you aren't competing for bandwidth while searching for contact info during an emergency. Who needs in? Your insurance agent's direct office line and the corporate business line; your neighbors' phone numbers so you can keep each other updated; and the number of Santa Clarita's voted-best restoration company, should your home become damaged by smoke or fire.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita has been voted "SCV's Best."

Protect your Home from Wildfire Damage

We see how hard you hustle in pursuit of your dreams. You work hard for financial independence. You work passionately to raise a happy family. You invest in your community in the hopes of a brighter future. But there are always things we can't control - life's little surprises and even bigger challenges. Sometimes it can feel like one step forward, two steps back. That's why finding the right insurance policy is so important. It protects you from taking two steps back by transferring the risk to a company you can trust, with a professional who cares.
For example, your home is one of your largest investments. With the Fourth of July and wildfire season approaching, now is a great time to review your home insurance. Since Santa Clarita is a high-risk area for fires, it's especially important to make sure you're covered - now. In addition to reviewing your home insurance policy with a professional, you can protect your home against wildfire damage with these helpful safety measures: clear all brush from your home, at a minimum of 100 feet; clean your gutters regularly; remove debris from your roof; clear dead trees or shrubs on and around your property; and check smoke detectors for your own safety, as well.
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